My Inspiration

My mom Jane Hall

My mom Jane

My Dad and I.

This website is a culmination of years of healing grief and transforming my life

I have been blessed with much in my life. I wouldn’t be in this moment today, without everything I’ve faced and healed. Two of my greatest losses have been my parents, who died unexpectedly and quickly of cancer. My mother Jane was only 53 when she was diagnosed and died of lung cancer. She lived only three months with her diagnosis of cancer.

Not Again

In 2003, six years after my mother’s death; just when I was seeing the light of life again and feeling like I could go on I was blindsided by my father’s unexpected and devestating news. He had cancer, he was only 59. He was diagnosed on a Friday with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  and by Monday night he was in emergency surgery due to his cancer. He died twelve days later with myself and my family by his side.

This website is a place of healing, love and inspiration.

I created this website to give comfort and support to those who have felt the pain of loss and to show them through my healing and my gradual transformation that there can be life again, despite our painful losses. Healing happens slowly, as we are ready and as we feel ready to face the world again. It won’t be rushed and our pain wont just disappear. It’s there, waiting for us in the unexpected moments, knowing we must face it, not flee.

Transforming Our Loss

Only when we face our pain, our losses can we truly heal and transform our life into something that feels joyous again. I have done that. I have reached a place of healing and now it is my life’s work to help others find that path to healing and peace. In honor of that work and the gift of my parents and their love I dedicate this page to them.

Healing is an experience we each face and handle differently.

Each of us goes through loss, grief and change differently. Our own individual life experiences affect how we process our grief and how we begin to heal. Healing is an essential process for each of us. When we heal we begin to experience life in a whole new way. We find new hope in our everyday life, a renewed sense of purpose and an understanding that God/Spirit is part of our life.

Healing allows us to accept our grief and loss.

It doesn’t mean we don’t miss the loved one or friend who has moved into spirit; it simply means we learn to accept this unforeseen loss in our lives. For me there will always be painful moments, hours and days when I wish I could see, touch, hold and laugh with those I love. I believe that desire will always be present, but over time I’ve faced this reality which I cannot change with more grace and less pain and anger.

It’s a very gradual process to heal.
It won’t be rushed and no matter how we try we can’t hide from it. It surfaces in odd moments and in unusual ways, forcing us to face it so we can make peace with it. I cannot make anyone’s grief go away. I cannot make anyone’s life different than it is. I can only share my experiences and my healing and hope that you will find a path toward healing and grace in your own life. May this day and this site begin to bring you a measure of peace. This site’s purpose is to inspire healing and transformation. My book, Healing Through Love is in the midst of publication with Balboa Press. My website is a gift, I hope it will inspire you and comfort you.

dog at the park

With blessings and gratitude I share my path and my healing.

Lisa Overman