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Moving Animals: Bringing Pets to Italy

This is my second article in a series of articles about Moving Animals. This post is for those Bringing Pets to Italy. *Disclaimer I am not an expert, though I have thoroughly researched pet entry requirements for my dog Tanner.

Accurate Information
I strive to bring you the most accurate information for moving animals; but I recommend you speak to the Embassy by phone or email to confirm that you have the most up to date information for bringing pets to Italy. Through this series I will offer you the best of what I find. Each article in this series will be slightly different, based on the information I locate.

dog in Italy

Pets in Italy
I have learned a great deal about life with pets in Italy over the course of my research. I know that pets are welcome in most cafes and are welcomed on trains, with proper documentation, a pet ticket, a leash and or a pet carrier. Pets are also welcome on some Italian Metro transportation. Rome is one Italian city that allows pets to ride with a paid ticket in certain train compartments. You will find more information about moving animals and living in Italy with your pet throughout this article.

Italian Dog

Photo Credit: Spicules

USDA Website Information for Moving Animals Abroad
The following links offer details on paperwork and requirements for transporting your pets.

US Department of Agriculture Information on Animals

Regional USDA Vets This offers an interactive map you click on to find the USDA Vet in your state. These vets stamp official paperwork for overseas pet travel.

Embassy Information

Embassy information for bringing pets to Italy

Pet Food in Italy
This is a direct quote regarding the brands of pet food found in Italy.
Multinational players Nestlé Purina Pet Care Italia, Mars Italia, Wonderfood and Hill’s Pet Nutrition remain the leading players in dog food.

Train Travel in Italy with Pets

Here are two links to Italy’s train service, Trenitalia, which allows pets to ride on board the train. One link is for the pet regulations of riding on the train. The other is for the English version of their website.

Trenitalia Pet Regulations for Train Travel

The English version of Trenitalia‘s site.

The Rome Metro With Your Pet

Animals (dogs, cats and birds) may travel on lines A and B and on the first and last carriages of the regional rail lines provided they are restrained (in a carry cage or muzzled and on a leash). A full price ticket is required. Note: Guide dogs (seeing-eye dogs) travel free.

Link to Pets on the Metro in Rome

Additional Resources for Pet Travel in Italy

Pets in Restaurants and Cafes in Italy

Information on moving to Italy with Pets.

This article from the European Consumer Center offers a great section on Train Travel with Pets

Hotels and Pensions Which are Pet Friendly
*I cannot vouch for any of these accommodations. I have not stayed in any of them. These I discovered through my research.
Siegler Im Thurm

Pet Friendly Accommodations in English

Resources on Italy

The Italian Tourist Board office in New York, a possible source of additional information.

Zap Italian a free website for learning some basic Italian

Public Transportation in South Tyrol

A website which offers great information life in Italy with Pets. Pets In Italy

Maggie in Venice is an American dog’s travel experiences in Venice.

This article covers a wide range of information on moving animals, and living with pets in Italy; I hope you will find it helpful in your move with your pets. I wish you a safe journey bringing your pets to Italy. To read other articles on moving with pets click here, Moving Animals, Taking pets to Thailand.