A Bounty of Plums in Hungary

As summer winds down I walk past plum tree after plum tree weighed down by plump, delicious fruit. The trees bounty can’t hold the weight of the plums; everywhere I see ripe delicious plums lying on the ground. For me this is how I came to know Hungary. When I moved to Hungary last summer plums were abundant, and this year the pleasure of plums has returned.

Plums Photo Credit OliBac

Two Hungarian favorites include Szilva Torta (Hungarian Plum Cake) and Szilvas Gomboc (Plum Dumplings) Both are found throughout Hungary during plum season. Hungarian Plum Cake is filled with plums, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and other delicious ingredients.

Hungarian Plum Cake Photo Credit: Renee S Suen

I never thought much about Plums before moving to Hungary. I ate one occasionally, but that has changed. Living in Hungary has taught me to enjoy the bounty of late summer and flavors I never before appreciated.