Blossom Festival: Visiting Werder Germany

This is one in a series of day trips from Berlin.

The Charm of Werder on the Havel
Werder is one of my favorite day trips from Berlin for several reasons; It’s only 35 km from Berlin and it feels completely removed. In addition you can get there via ferry departing from Wansee. If you prefer you can also ride a regional train to reach Werder’s old world charm along the Havel River.

Werder Germany

Photo Credit Werder Historic City View Backkratze

Flowering Trees
Blossoms in Werder
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Werder Blossom Festival
Each year Werder is home to one of Germany largest festivals; the Blossom Festival celebrating the apple blossoms. The festival has been going strong for 133 years and includes fireworks, a blossom queen, a formal dance, festival food, local wine, concerts, street vendors and an abundance of apple blossoms. I’ve visited the Blossom Festival twice and both times found it charming with it’s regional fruit wines, German food, culture and music. The festival is held each year from the end of April through the beginning of May.

Wine Lovers

Fruit wine

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The Blossom Festival is a good time to try a variety of local fruit wines, including apricot, peach cherry and currant. You will be surprised at the diverse variety of wines offered in the Havel area. There are wine stalls throughout the festival and you can try a sample, before buying a bottle.

Water Lovers

Werder Blossom Festival

Blossom Festival Werder
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For those who enjoy time on the water, Werder is a great spot. There are kayak, canoe and paddle boat rentals as well as boat charters available. Werder is a city whose charm revolves around the water and the beauty of it’s history dating back to the 13th century. The 2013 Blossom Festival will be held from April 27th to May 5th.

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