Cultural Experiences: Leasing a home in Hungary

Finding a Home in Budapest
When I moved to Budapest finding a home was at the top of my list of things to do. I saw many houses, and there were a few that came out on top as my favorites. One in particular for it’s spacious living room with wrap around windows. Another for it’s newness and in home sauna.

In the end my home selection was complicated by a few factors. My first choice house included an Italian landlord who wasn’t willing to negotiate on price;  (The home with the wrap around windows). The new (in construction) house with a sauna meant having workmen in my house finishing construction for at least three weeks. It was too much to take on with my dog who was adjusting to a new home and country. I opted out of that one, though it was a real favorite and less than five minutes from my job.

I have selected photos that I feel give a taste of what Budapest offers. There are amazing homes here. Houses that offer great features; including dishwashers, washer dryers, saunas, big yards, open floor plans, fireplaces, and pet friendly places…the list goes on. All pretty exceptional for a country in Eastern Europe.


.house hunting budapest

A historic cobbled street that offered a great view.

modern spaces, house hunting

This home offered modern space.

spacious kitchen, house hunting

This house offered a spacious kitchen, but a very small yard.

spacious entrance

This apartment offered a spacious and attractive entrance.

open floor plan, house hunting

This one offered a great open space, but a strange layout that I felt wouldn’t suit life with a dog.

private courtyard patio, budapest

This private courtyard patio was exceptional. I fell in love with it. Sadly the rest of the house, not so much.

new construction home in Budapest

I fell in love with this under construction house.

It had several bedrooms, a sauna, a nice yard, great windows and a good location. It was in my final two.

open floor plan home, budapest

This house was my initial first choice.

It offered a good location, a decent size yard, great open spaces, a beautiful open living area, air conditioning, a beautiful bathroom but only a mediocre kitchen. The landlord wouldn’t reduce the price, even though it had been on the market for a while.

This is actually a city that offers potential home renters some excellent choices. Yes, okay there were a few duds thrown in and one that was freaky and a little scary. But overall house hunting in Budapest turned out to be a good experience and I met wonderful people in the process; including my landlords who I have stayed in touch with.

My Hungarian Kitchen

My Hungarian Kitchen

Another view of my kitchen in the village.

Another view of my kitchen in the village. I loved this kitchen. It included a fireplace and open plan living room kitchen.

My Hungarian wood stove heated much of the downstairs easily.

My Hungarian wood stove heated much of the downstairs easily.

Upstairs Den with sky lights and an outdoor patio.

Upstairs Den with sky lights and an outdoor patio.

Backyard view of my rental house in Nagykovacsi.

Backyard view of my rental house in Nagykovacsi.

The backyard view from the upstairs after a big snow storm.

The backyard view from the upstairs after a big snow storm.



The Beauty of Europe; Esztergom, Hungary


A view from the Basilica in Esztergom, Hungary.

church in Europe

One of the views from the Basilica.

The Adventures and Challenges of Life Overseas

Making Big Purchases in a Foreign Country

While living in Budapest I had the task of purchasing a washing machine and dryer for my new rental house. I’d  looked at the appliances the previous weekend, so I felt confident going into the situation. (That was probably my first mistake.) I went to Auchen; which I’ve been told is a French store similar to a Super Walmart. On this visit, to a different location, no one in the appliances department spoke English, fabulous.

Having lived in Budapest fourteen months, and had a million good experiences with Hungarian’s speaking English I knew there was at least one English speaker in the store. I pressed my luck and I insisted through sign language and basic English, that the sales man call someone who could speak English and help me. I waited, and I looked at the machines.

Eleven Languages I Can’t Speak

The machine I’d looked at previously stood in front of me. From my walk around it appeared to be the only washing machine and dryer combination in the store. I wasn’t going to be picky, It was time to exit doing laundry in the 14th century. After ten minutes a young woman appeared to help. She spoke excellent English and she confirmed that the machine was in fact a washer and a dryer. We looked inside the washing machine/dryer for a manual. There was a manual in eleven languages; just none of them English, #@!? On my last visit the manual included English, this was not going well; how was I supposed to figure out the many features and buttons in languages I couldn’t speak?


Google to the rescue, soon we were googling the machine; we quickly found the company site and  a download version in English. The site stopped working and wouldn’t complete the email process. On we went, next we found a YouTube video that wasn’t half bad.  I didn’t envision that when I thought about buying a washer and dryer in Hungary. At that point I told her I would like to purchase the machine. At some point you have to simply have faith.

48 Hours and a Gift

48 hours later my washer and dryer arrived; best of all the delivery men brought me an owners manual in English. I could have kissed the guy I was so happy. My washer and dryer work and I can report that I am figuring out the many settings it offers. It is a little challenging but that comes with living overseas. If I was looking for every day to be just like living in America; I’d be living in America. Instead I’m living a European adventure.





Budapest Views from the Citadel

Budapest Views from the Citadel