Celebrating Eight Years and Several Transitions

Five Years
In February 2007 I in I started this website. What began as a site to inspire healing has transformed into a site which inspires both healing and travel adventures. This transition came about through my own transitions and healing.

A Metamorphosis
This website has gone through a metamorphosis as my grief healed and I created new dreams for my life. Last year my site crashed and I lost some posts and all my comments. The site had to be rebuilt and I lost all my google ranking as well. It was frustrating and maddening, but here we are today, growing and learning and I deeply hope, inspiring you to transform your own life and follow your dreams.

My Dream Realized
One of my dreams was to go on press trips for tourism destinations. I’ve now done that multiple times to destinations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. It was fantastic to realize a long held dream of mine. Since I began this site it has been a dream to continue growing my readership. That is happening and I’m happy with this transformation.

Looking Ahead
Three years ago my goal was to publish a book. I am now in the final stages of the publishing process. Which brings me a great deal of happiness. In addition I am in the midst of writing another book, which is a funny book about my life transitions living overseas.
My life has transformed through relationships, pets, new jobs, house sales, and the death of my parents. It has been, and continues to be quite a journey of adventure and at times grief and challenge. I have many blessings and this website is one of them. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Lisa Overseas

All the Best,


Mother’s Day Grief

Mother’s Day is a difficult day for me. I miss my mom a great deal. Mom died in 1997; if she were alive today, she would’ve been 68 yesterday. Mother’s Day is always the double whammy of her birthday and Mother’s Day either on the same day or within a day of one another. This year was better than usual, I took my grandma to lunch and then went to a plant sale with her. At least I spent part of it doing something mom would enjoy. She always loved Olive Garden and she would want Grandma to be shown love especially on Mother’s Day.

My mom Jane

My Daughter Sydney
In addition to missing mom, I think of my daughter Sydney, who died when she was just one day old. Sydney was born prematurely at only 6 and a half months. If she’d lived she would be 25 this year. I’d be mom to a 25 year old. She would have graduated from college by now as a beautiful young woman. There are really three days of the year when I think of her most; her birthday December 23rd, Christmas eve when she died, and Mother’s Day. I try to take solace in the fact that my mom and dad are with her in heaven and they are surrounding both of us in their love.

I love you mom and dad, and I love you Sydney.

A Mother’s Love and My Mother’s Message
*Note When I finished this post a few minutes ago I took a break. When I came back into the room I felt compelled to pick up a book I’ve been reading called Chocolate for a Woman’s Blessings By Kay Allenbaugh. I opened the book to a story called Que Sera Sera. This story was about a woman who had a rough day. She was thinking about her mom and how much she missed talking to her, since her loss two years before.

She went to work the next day and spoke to a friend who told her she’d received a message from her mom the previous evening. (They determined the message came at the same time she was thinking of her mom and missing her.) Her mom had come to her friend from spirit and said, “Everything will work out, I love you.” Then the song Que Sera Sera popped into the woman’s head. She told her friend, who was missing her mom of the entire experience.

When she heard the message and especially the song she felt a warmth flood her and she began crying. The song had been one of her mother’s favorites. I know there is no coincidence in finding that very story five minutes after writing this post about missing my mom on this Mother’ Day. I know she is with me, loving me and letting me know in this moment of uncertainty in my life that everything will work out and that she loves me. Thank you Mom, I feel your love. Happy Mother’s Day.

Avery’s Bucket List

Spring flowers

Today I learned about a little girl named Avery, who has spinal muscular atrophy. She was diagnosed with this when she was five months old. Her parents have created a blog called Avery’s Bucket List to share her adventures and her life with her family.

The blog is written from Avery’s perspective; her parents have created a bucket list of things they want Avery to experience in the 18 months she is expected to live. One of the things Avery’s mom and dad want to do is to educate others about SMA. Take time to visit Avery’s Bucket List. Avery’s Bucket List can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

A Butterfly Moment

Yesterday I had a realization, I will call it my butterfly moment. Soon my mother’s birthday will be coming up. Her birthday is May 12th, though she died fifteen years ago, in 1997. Each year on her birthday and Mother’s Day I do something special either at her grave or at my house. I either plant flowers she would love, or I buy and light a candle in a scent she would have enjoyed or I put something special on her grave that would make her smile. This year I wanted to do something special for her grave, as I will be in Indiana where she was buried. I have been contemplating this for three weeks, wanting just the right memento.

Butterfly in flowers

I knew I could wander through the garden shops in the area and eventually I’d find a sweet treasure. I also knew I wanted something particularly beautiful, durable for the weather, easy enough to display at her grave and something that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive. That’s a pretty big list of desires to place on one item. I thought it might be a challenge, but I prayed about it. I asked that I be guided, that my angels help me find just the right memento that mom would have loved, and will love from heaven.

The Search
I had looked around a bit at Michaels last week and I found nothing that seemed both durable and beautiful, everything felt too kitschy. I looked at a garden shop and found nothing that felt appropriate, lots of pretty, glitzy garden things but not quite what I desired. I prayed about it again and I let it go. Yesterday I went to the Botanical garden with my family to see the Malaysian Butterfly exhibit Afterwards as I walked toward the exit and seating area I noticed through the gift shop window a display of garden decor.

I went into to the shop and examined the garden items, again they were not quite what I wanted. These offered no color and were just made of a copper colored metal and a few dull colors. I kept wandering, knowing the gift shop had many beautiful things. Then I saw it, a sturdy, delicate butterfly stake that was made with a mosaic of purple and green glass inside the strong metal body that would hold up to the weather and offer the beauty and grace I desired. I hadn’t spent a lot of time searching, in just a couple minutes of looking it stood out and it fit my entire list of desires.

It Will Show itself and Be a Perfect Fit
I bought it, and I brought it home. As I looked at it and admired it’s beauty I said a prayer of thanks for my angels guiding me so easily to exactly the right gift to place on mom’s grave. It was then that I had my Butterfly realization, my overseas job will fit into place in the very same way. As I wait to learn where I will be hired I have moments of frustration. I hear from schools with interest and then I wait, and I wait some more. The butterfly realization showed me that my prayers will be answered in just the same way. I have shared with my angels my list of desires ( A safe, dog friendly location, a good school, preferably in Europe and a good salary.) Now it’s time to let the angels assist, the right job will show it’s self and just like the butterfly I found yesterday it will be a perfect fit.