A Butterfly Moment

Yesterday I had a realization, I will call it my butterfly moment. Soon my mother’s birthday will be coming up. Her birthday is May 12th, though she died fifteen years ago, in 1997. Each year on her birthday and Mother’s Day I do something special either at her grave or at my house. I either plant flowers she would love, or I buy and light a candle in a scent she would have enjoyed or I put something special on her grave that would make her smile. This year I wanted to do something special for her grave, as I will be in Indiana where she was buried. I have been contemplating this for three weeks, wanting just the right memento.

Butterfly in flowers

I knew I could wander through the garden shops in the area and eventually I’d find a sweet treasure. I also knew I wanted something particularly beautiful, durable for the weather, easy enough to display at her grave and something that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive. That’s a pretty big list of desires to place on one item. I thought it might be a challenge, but I prayed about it. I asked that I be guided, that my angels help me find just the right memento that mom would have loved, and will love from heaven.

The Search
I had looked around a bit at Michaels last week and I found nothing that seemed both durable and beautiful, everything felt too kitschy. I looked at a garden shop and found nothing that felt appropriate, lots of pretty, glitzy garden things but not quite what I desired. I prayed about it again and I let it go. Yesterday I went to the Botanical garden with my family to see the Malaysian Butterfly exhibit Afterwards as I walked toward the exit and seating area I noticed through the gift shop window a display of garden decor.

I went into to the shop and examined the garden items, again they were not quite what I wanted. These offered no color and were just made of a copper colored metal and a few dull colors. I kept wandering, knowing the gift shop had many beautiful things. Then I saw it, a sturdy, delicate butterfly stake that was made with a mosaic of purple and green glass inside the strong metal body that would hold up to the weather and offer the beauty and grace I desired. I hadn’t spent a lot of time searching, in just a couple minutes of looking it stood out and it fit my entire list of desires.

It Will Show itself and Be a Perfect Fit
I bought it, and I brought it home. As I looked at it and admired it’s beauty I said a prayer of thanks for my angels guiding me so easily to exactly the right gift to place on mom’s grave. It was then that I had my Butterfly realization, my overseas job will fit into place in the very same way. As I wait to learn where I will be hired I have moments of frustration. I hear from schools with interest and then I wait, and I wait some more. The butterfly realization showed me that my prayers will be answered in just the same way. I have shared with my angels my list of desires ( A safe, dog friendly location, a good school, preferably in Europe and a good salary.) Now it’s time to let the angels assist, the right job will show it’s self and just like the butterfly I found yesterday it will be a perfect fit.

A Light in the Dark

This is a guest post written by Sandra Foster

bird up close
Mocking Bird Photo 68photobug Flickr

A Blessing
Tuesday night I was sitting at the table with my bedtime glass of milk and a book. It was about 11 PM. I became aware of a mockingbird outside my window in the cedar tree just singing its heart out. The song was incredibly beautiful and I silently blessed this bird for giving me so much pleasure.

Help Through the Darkness
About 4 AM I got up to go to the bathroom and the little bird was still singing. When I awakened in the morning the bird was silent. I think God knows that nights are sometimes very tough for me and so he sends me a mockingbird to help me through the darkness.

A Gift of Song
Last night at 1 AM I again was sitting at the table with my glass of milk and book and outside the window was the glorious song of the mockingbird. I don’t really know why it sings all night long but I do know that the song was given to me by a loving God who gives me hope for the future and calm for the present. I am truly blessed.

The Comfort of an Angel

This is a beautiful poster print that I remember from childhood. I’ve always found this comforting.


Heilige Schutzengel


Surrender to Spirit
When we know that we are on our spiritual path there comes a time when we must surrender completely to spirit. When no matter what the appearance of our life, we know that spirit is guiding our direction. This is one of those times in my life. Fighting the tide does not work, it’s like trying to swim out of a riptide, it can’t be done, I must float, release and know that I am safe and provided for.

I Follow My Heart
Right now the challenges of my life are great, but I know spirit is greater and I know that the work that I have done, the open channel I have provided and the efforts of my writing and following spiritual guidance are being acknowledged and will be rewarded. I know spirit put me on this path of sharing my story. God knew that I would follow my heart, share my story and in the process inspire others to begin looking at their own pain and grief. This is not an easy path, it isn’t easy to pour out your heart for all to see. To write and detail the mistakes you make, the missteps you take. I had to move past all that and realize the greater good in my honesty, in my compassion and know that it would be through both that I could begin to inspire healing in others.

Allow Spirit to Unfold the Blessings
There are moments still when I am touched with fear, with indecision, with pain. I have learned to move through those moments, to accept the feelings and allow them to dissipate naturally. I do not allow them to take over, I cry, I pray, I meditate and I write. I allow my spirit to take control and those moments become less and the pain begins to disappear. This week in the midst of my personal challenges I have been reminded twice through a quote that this is my time to surrender. I have done the work, I have expended the effort, now it is time to allow spirit to unfold the blessings and release my concerns and my doubt.

I touch people through my experiences, my truth and the words that spirit guides my fingers to put on this page. This is not the writing I wanted to do long ago, it is the writing that spirit determined I would do. It pleases me today, but there have been many days it did not. I wanted to write romance novels or travelogues. I wanted the exotic and romantic. Instead I got heart wrenching, emotionally draining pieces to write on my grief, on the depths of my pain. I understand now that my peace and inner strength come from what I have faced, what I have healed and I am happy today.

I am Grateful Today
I am grateful for this gift, the words spirit provides me to share with others. I am grateful every day for my life, for my writing and for the gift of those I treasure in my life. It is a matter of surrendering and allowing spirit to drive your life. You can fight it, you can struggle against it. But eventually surrender is the only answer that makes sense. Your life becomes joyful and nourishing to your soul. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth the discomfort. Surrender and discover what spirit has in store.