Dream Comes True; Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum Maya Ruins

In 1993 a friend of mine was working in Mexico. He visited the Tulum Mayan Ruins and sent me a post card. It was one of those stunning turquoise blue water shots, with one of the Tulum temples at the edge of the water. It captivated me and from that moment I wanted to visit the Tulum Mayan Ruins.

Life took me in many directions, but never toward Tulum, or Mexico. In my head I always had Tulum on a list. The list contains a few long desired travel destinations including Greece, Bruges Belgium, Alaska, Red Square in Moscow, the Maldives and Tahiti. Tulum Mexico has moved off the list.

Tulum Beach
Champagne on the beach, Tulum, Mexico.

Mexico Beach
The Beach at Tulum, Mexico.

My dream came true, I visited the ruins at Tulum last year. It was surreal, and was a cherished day. It was one of those moments that truly allowed me to see how far my life has come. It was a reminder to refocus my desires, and continue to visualize the dreams I have. I know there is a guiding force in my life, helping to create opportunities and guiding me toward my best choices. Visiting the Tulum Maya Ruins was my dream, and a sweet reminder of what is possible. I’m grateful.

Celebrating Eight Years and Several Transitions

Five Years
In February 2007 I in I started this website. What began as a site to inspire healing has transformed into a site which inspires both healing and travel adventures. This transition came about through my own transitions and healing.

A Metamorphosis
This website has gone through a metamorphosis as my grief healed and I created new dreams for my life. Last year my site crashed and I lost some posts and all my comments. The site had to be rebuilt and I lost all my google ranking as well. It was frustrating and maddening, but here we are today, growing and learning and I deeply hope, inspiring you to transform your own life and follow your dreams.

My Dream Realized
One of my dreams was to go on press trips for tourism destinations. I’ve now done that multiple times to destinations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. It was fantastic to realize a long held dream of mine. Since I began this site it has been a dream to continue growing my readership. That is happening and I’m happy with this transformation.

Looking Ahead
Three years ago my goal was to publish a book. I am now in the final stages of the publishing process. Which brings me a great deal of happiness. In addition I am in the midst of writing another book, which is a funny book about my life transitions living overseas.
My life has transformed through relationships, pets, new jobs, house sales, and the death of my parents. It has been, and continues to be quite a journey of adventure and at times grief and challenge. I have many blessings and this website is one of them. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Lisa Overseas

All the Best,


Live a Little: Know When to Move On

When Things Don’t Work
There are times in our lives when things don’t work. There are also times when something works for a time and then sputters to an unsatisfying ending. In those moments I advise, know when to move on. You know in your gut when a situation seems odd. If things are being said that don’t jive with your internal truth meter, it’s time to assess the situation more carefully.

How Do You Know?
Are there red flags?
Have things happened that don’t add up?
Do you feel unsettled?
These are indicators that you DO KNOW.

What if I’m Uncertain?
Give it a few days, and see what transpires.
Do you feel more at ease?
Have your concerns been addressed?
Have you had a conversation that leaves you feeling better?
Have things been clarified?

No? Then it’s time to move on.

Road Sign

Ian Ransley Design and Illustration

Living a Little means knowing how to take care of you, and how to look out for you. Looking out for you means not allowing others to take advantage of you or mislead you. Trust your gut, if your body is feeling out of whack, or stressed by the situation that is a pretty strong indicator that you need to move on. Trust yourself and live a little by looking out for yourself and trusting your internal guidance. Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share your Live a Little experiences.

Live A Little: Friendship

Friendship connections are key in my life. My friends have seen me through some tough times, from losing my parents too young, to moving to a foreign country alone. My friends have been with me through relationships and through financial struggles, including a short sale on my dad’s house; after paying for two houses for more than three years. I have excellent friends and they have been there for me when I’ve needed them, they still are. Today my Live a Little post highlights friendships in my life and how they help me Live a Little every day.

Bonds of Friendship

The reality is that sometimes I am closer to my friends than I am to members of my family. That isn’t deliberate, but more about my choice to live abroad. Living as an expat in multiple locations around the world, means you develop very close friendships. Your friends essentially become your family. In addition when you choose the lifestyle of an expat not everyone in your family embraces it, understands it, or likes it. When I accepted my first overseas job my family had mixed reactions. Some were happy for me, others thought I’d lost my mind and still others were skeptical. Friendships are key in moments of life when you step out on your own, and especially when you move to the beat of your own drum. My friendships fall into several categories and they are all important to me.

My Oldest Friends

My friend Renee has been my friend since I was 13 years old. We know each others lives in and out. She knows my family, she’s met the men in my life and she understands me. I treasure her friendship and I appreciate that her family has embraced me and been a support as I make my transition to finding a job overseas.

I met my friend Pam in college, she lived down the hall from me in my co-ed dorm. We have known each other through the stress of college exams, boyfriends, husbands, ex-husbands and my many moves around the world.

The Guam Girls
Then there are the Guam Girls, these are the women I met when I made my first international move. We all met in our first days and weeks on the island of Guam. We have stayed close over the years and the last few years we’ve made it a point to get together annually for a three or four day weekend of fun, now with husbands and families in tow. These women went through the same crazy move to an island in the Pacific experiences I did. We taught in many of the same schools and traveled together throughout the Pacific. We learned together about life as an expat. One of the Guam girls and I, Myscha have also made the same work/life transitions with continuing to move around the world. She too has embraced a career transition of writing as well as pursuing educational jobs. That has deepened our friendship.

Guam Reunion
Guam Girls with their kids at an annual get together.

Bonding Through Shared Grief There is a deep and shared understanding of love and friendship between my friend Lisa D and I. I call her my soul sister. I met Lisa when we were both new teachers in Hawaii, at a Japanese Buddhist school. We started our jobs at the same time and both of our mothers had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Our friendship began as a shared pain, and a deep understanding of what the other faced. We remain good friends. Though she lives in Hawaii and I haven’t seen her in years, I love her dearly and treasure her friendship.

The Berlin Bond
That’s what I call my friendship with Susan, Kevin and Carol. They were part of my original orientation group of teachers hired to teach in Berlin, Germany. There is little that creates a stronger bond than serious life changes. Try moving to a foreign country alone, where you don’t speak the language and every day is a BIG adventure. You will rock your friendships.

You will be there for each other when you can’t figure out your internet service, when you can’t read the menu, and when you try to pantomime the right washing machine hose needed at the German version of Home Depot. You laugh together and you cry together; you bond and the friendships that are lasting. Susan knows me like few people do, and I treasure my friendship with Susan and her husband Kevin.

Carol and I were both single women and we developed a close friendship through our love of travel, fun and exploring. I treasure her friendship and those of many others I have known around the world and in my own home state. There are many more friends who share special moments in my life. Cathy Busch, Dory Chang, Kathy Rodondi, Pam Hoose, Dave Cruz, Ginny Corey, Sandra Foster Edwards and Patty Brightbill, you all come to my mind. You have shared laughter, dinners, phone calls, insight and friendship. I appreciate all of it and each of you.

A New Chapter
When my dad died unexpectedly, I was forced to move back to the states from Germany on 12 hours notice. I had exactly three friends in the Tampa Bay area. They were overseas friendships that really helped me. In addition to that my dad’s girl friend Cathy introduced me to her girl friends and over time the four of them became treasured friends of mine. They’ve shared their lives, their insight and their friendship with me.

New Connections and Friendships

My love of travel and writing has given me opportunities to make new connections and build new friendships through press trips and shared travel experiences. I meet other women and men who love the same things I do and that’s added to my blessings. My friendships really are a staple of my life. Friendships are one way I Live a Little and treasure life. How are you going to Live a Little this week? Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share your post about how you are embracing life to Live A Little