Sean Penn’s J/P HRO, Humanitarian Relief Organization

I recently had the opportunity to watch Oprah interview Sean Penn about his organization JP/HRO, a Humanitarian Relief Organization he started after the Haiti earthquake.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn flew to Haiti with a plane full of medicine and doctors a week after the earthquake, expecting to stay two weeks. He has now been working and living in Haiti just over two years. When I watched him speak of the work he is doing and the organization he created I was amazed and touched. He is doing work that is so significant to the country of Haiti and to the Haitian people. It is truly a blessing.

Things J/P HRO has accomplished in the last two years, according to their official website.
* Two medical clinics that treat approximately 2,000 people a week without having to collect fees.
* 1,000 + babies safely delivered with zero maternal mortalities.
* Delivered over 100 metric tons of Cholera treatment supplies to clinics throughout Haiti as well as educating adults about Cholera.
* Opened a Haitian run School that provides a free education for 460 students.
* Distributed 12,500 tents to families throughout Haiti.
* Distributed water filters and buckets enough to ensure that 10,000 people in Haiti have safe drinking water.
There is so much more that Sean Penn and J/P HRO have done throughout Haiti. This man’s contribution is life changing to the people and country of Haiti.

Photo Credit Danboarder Flickr is a project/website that Charles Best started in 2000 to give citizens an opportunity to fund student projects around the country with donations as small as a few dollars. According to Charles Best, ” Someone with a small amount of money can make a real difference.”

Public school students and teachers don’t always have the materials needed to do hands on projects, or purchase learning materials necessary for their classroom. I have experienced this first hand. I was a teacher for 12 years and there were many things we couldn’t do because we didn’t have the necessary funding. At times as a teacher I provided my own supplies which over time is very costly, especially in this current economy. I think Charles Best’s program is a wonderful opportunity for citizens, teachers and students to come together to create learning opportunities and experiences with many small donations.

How Does The Project/Website Work?

Teachers in public schools around the country submit requests for everything from aquarium supplies for a biology class to a working clock so kids can learn to tell time. We buy the materials, usually within 1-2 days of receiving a donation, and we compile thank-you notes from the class. This way, ordinary folks get the choice and feedback usually reserved for millionare philanthropists. Your $10 gets the same transparency as Bill Gates’ $1 million.

Take a moment and look at the projects currently in need of funding, choose something that touches your heart and consider making a donation that helps students and teachers in classrooms around the country. Blessings to you!