Remember Those Lost Through Foundations, Scholarships and Helping Others

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. This day, ten years later is about closure, healing and the beautiful acts of goodness, kindness, and love that have been created in honor of those lost in New York, Arlington, VA and a field outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It’s these touching gifts of scholarship, art, education and healing that bring to life the hearts and passions of those lost on September 11th.


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Over the last couple weeks I have saved scraps of paper about books being published, and today from Parade a page about foundations and scholarships created in honor of those lost. In this post I’m sharing a list of some of the life giving programs, foundations and books that have been created to do good, through those 9/11 losses.

Legacy Letters is a book put together by Tuesday’s Children, a non profit 9/11 organization. The organization put together messages from many family members of those lost. The book became available on August 2, 2011.

Art for Heart is a book of children’s art, drawings and words put together from children who lost a parent in 9/11

Unmeasured Strength is a book written by Lauren Manning, who was burned over 82% of her body. She was injured while entering the World Trade Center as the first plane hit the north tower. The book details her recovery and amazing story of strength. A group created by two women who lost loved ones (a husband and a son) in the south tower of the World Trade Center. The organizations helps loved ones help each other. 13,000 families now belong to the organization. is an organization created by the widow of first officer Leroy Homer who was a pilot on United flight 93. The foundation provides flight school scholarships to students who dream of being pilots.

camp Offers one week paid camp excursions for children who lost a loved one on 9/11 or through other tragic circumstances. Nearly 100 children spend a week at the same camp where Scott Hazelcorn, a bond trader spent his summers as a child. was created by four retired first responders who helped at ground zero after 9/11.This group made up of former cops, firefighters, rescue workers assists and rebuilds after disasters; they helped in both New Orleans and in Haiti.

Shelleys honors Shelley Marshall who died in the Pentagon. The foundation acts on Shelley’s passions of caring for senior citizens, encouraging children to read and afternoon tea. Her foundation sponsors reading hours at public libraries, nursing home tea parties and writing contests for students.

Beyond The 11th was founded by two women whose husbands died on two different attacks on Sept 11th, 2001. These woman were touched by the support offered to them after their loss. As they healed their losses they began to notice the losses of others. News coverage of Afghanistan, women now widows trying desperately to care for children as the sole parent. Beyondthe11th provides grants for education and small businesses to more than 10,000 Afghan women.

Peter C Alderman Foundation was created by Peter’s parents after his death in the World Trade Center attacks. His foundation honors his life by helping others heal the trauma and psychological wounds of terrorism. There are clinics in Uganda, Haiti, Cambodia, and Rwanda. These clinics help to treat those suffering from traumatic depression. The foundation also works in conjunction with the Harvard Program of Refugee Trauma, providing the tools necessary for local caregivers to help treat those suffering.

Tunnel To Towers Foundation was created by the family of Stephen Siller FDNY who died in the World Trade Center attacks. The foundations mission is to help children who have lost a parent, as well as firefighters and military who have been injured in the line of duty. The foundation is involved in running events, golf events and BBQ for the Brave events all which raise money for children, firefighters and military personnel who have been injured in the line of duty. is an organization founded by the brother of a victim in the World Trade Center and a good friend. The foundations mission is to create positive ways of honoring and remembering those lost in the September 11th attacks. Their organization MYGOODDEED is working with other organizations around the country to sponsor the largest day of charitable service in the history of the U.S. Through their website you can find ways to volunteer in your community as well as leave a tribute to those lost on September 11th.

Brooke Jackman Foundation was begun by Brooke Jackman’s family after her death in the World Trade Center. Brooke loved books and reading and her foundation offers grants for youth literacy, family literacy and back to school packs for children who need back packs and essentials. The foundation is also involved in building libraries and in a books initiative, giving books to disadvantaged children throughout New York.

*There may be other foundations and organizations honoring those lost on September 11th. These are the ones I have read about.