Dream Comes True; Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum Maya Ruins

In 1993 a friend of mine was working in Mexico. He visited the Tulum Mayan Ruins and sent me a post card. It was one of those stunning turquoise blue water shots, with one of the Tulum temples at the edge of the water. It captivated me and from that moment I wanted to visit the Tulum Mayan Ruins.

Life took me in many directions, but never toward Tulum, or Mexico. In my head I always had Tulum on a list. The list contains a few long desired travel destinations including Greece, Bruges Belgium, Alaska, Red Square in Moscow, the Maldives and Tahiti. Tulum Mexico has moved off the list.

Tulum Beach
Champagne on the beach, Tulum, Mexico.

Mexico Beach
The Beach at Tulum, Mexico.

My dream came true, I visited the ruins at Tulum last year. It was surreal, and was a cherished day. It was one of those moments that truly allowed me to see how far my life has come. It was a reminder to refocus my desires, and continue to visualize the dreams I have. I know there is a guiding force in my life, helping to create opportunities and guiding me toward my best choices. Visiting the Tulum Maya Ruins was my dream, and a sweet reminder of what is possible. I’m grateful.

Celebrating Eight Years and Several Transitions

Five Years
In February 2007 I in I started this website. What began as a site to inspire healing has transformed into a site which inspires both healing and travel adventures. This transition came about through my own transitions and healing.

A Metamorphosis
This website has gone through a metamorphosis as my grief healed and I created new dreams for my life. Last year my site crashed and I lost some posts and all my comments. The site had to be rebuilt and I lost all my google ranking as well. It was frustrating and maddening, but here we are today, growing and learning and I deeply hope, inspiring you to transform your own life and follow your dreams.

My Dream Realized
One of my dreams was to go on press trips for tourism destinations. I’ve now done that multiple times to destinations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. It was fantastic to realize a long held dream of mine. Since I began this site it has been a dream to continue growing my readership. That is happening and I’m happy with this transformation.

Looking Ahead
Three years ago my goal was to publish a book. I am now in the final stages of the publishing process. Which brings me a great deal of happiness. In addition I am in the midst of writing another book, which is a funny book about my life transitions living overseas.
My life has transformed through relationships, pets, new jobs, house sales, and the death of my parents. It has been, and continues to be quite a journey of adventure and at times grief and challenge. I have many blessings and this website is one of them. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Lisa Overseas

All the Best,


A Butterfly Moment

Yesterday I had a realization, I will call it my butterfly moment. Soon my mother’s birthday will be coming up. Her birthday is May 12th, though she died fifteen years ago, in 1997. Each year on her birthday and Mother’s Day I do something special either at her grave or at my house. I either plant flowers she would love, or I buy and light a candle in a scent she would have enjoyed or I put something special on her grave that would make her smile. This year I wanted to do something special for her grave, as I will be in Indiana where she was buried. I have been contemplating this for three weeks, wanting just the right memento.

Butterfly in flowers

I knew I could wander through the garden shops in the area and eventually I’d find a sweet treasure. I also knew I wanted something particularly beautiful, durable for the weather, easy enough to display at her grave and something that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive. That’s a pretty big list of desires to place on one item. I thought it might be a challenge, but I prayed about it. I asked that I be guided, that my angels help me find just the right memento that mom would have loved, and will love from heaven.

The Search
I had looked around a bit at Michaels last week and I found nothing that seemed both durable and beautiful, everything felt too kitschy. I looked at a garden shop and found nothing that felt appropriate, lots of pretty, glitzy garden things but not quite what I desired. I prayed about it again and I let it go. Yesterday I went to the Botanical garden with my family to see the Malaysian Butterfly exhibit Afterwards as I walked toward the exit and seating area I noticed through the gift shop window a display of garden decor.

I went into to the shop and examined the garden items, again they were not quite what I wanted. These offered no color and were just made of a copper colored metal and a few dull colors. I kept wandering, knowing the gift shop had many beautiful things. Then I saw it, a sturdy, delicate butterfly stake that was made with a mosaic of purple and green glass inside the strong metal body that would hold up to the weather and offer the beauty and grace I desired. I hadn’t spent a lot of time searching, in just a couple minutes of looking it stood out and it fit my entire list of desires.

It Will Show itself and Be a Perfect Fit
I bought it, and I brought it home. As I looked at it and admired it’s beauty I said a prayer of thanks for my angels guiding me so easily to exactly the right gift to place on mom’s grave. It was then that I had my Butterfly realization, my overseas job will fit into place in the very same way. As I wait to learn where I will be hired I have moments of frustration. I hear from schools with interest and then I wait, and I wait some more. The butterfly realization showed me that my prayers will be answered in just the same way. I have shared with my angels my list of desires ( A safe, dog friendly location, a good school, preferably in Europe and a good salary.) Now it’s time to let the angels assist, the right job will show it’s self and just like the butterfly I found yesterday it will be a perfect fit.


Life Shifts
Sometimes life shifts imperceptibly and at other times the shift is so dramatic that we feel it, see it and everyone around us notices it. So what causes our lives to shift? Sometimes our shift is self inspired. A move to a completely different culture and country is a big shift. Nothing shifts your life faster than getting on a plane and living full throttle in a culture you don’t understand fully, where they’re speaking a language you barely comprehend.

Moves like this shift your perceptions and life dramatically. Through years of living overseas in situations where I had to adapt I now feel comfortable living in a variety of places and cultures. I’m willing to embrace new cultures and overseas experiences with ease.

Shifts Happen
A shift can occur when we have an “Ah Ha” moment; suddenly we “get it” and we can stop repeating old patterns and move into a new way of living and being. In my opinion shifts also occur when we have either a spiritual change in our life, or a healing of emotional or physical pain.

Shifts happen whether we’re aware of them or not. Shifts happen when we feel loved, when we feel supported and when we understand that we have no longer need to hold on to old habits. Shifts can change our lives; they open our minds to new ways of living and new ways of doing things. Some shifts happen gradually because spirit knows that’s all we can handle. Other times they are so dramatic that they are painful, such as the loss of a loved one.

They Aren’t All Warm and Fuzzy
Every shift is different and they are not all warm and fuzzy or comfortable. Sometimes a shift takes us far out of our comfort zone and we have to learn to adapt to a new way of living and thinking. That process of learning to think differently is the shift taking place. When we become at ease and we see our life expanded we realize the shift has occurred and it’s usually an exciting time with new opportunities and new experiences.

Spirit is Guiding Us
Spirit is always guiding our life, whether we are willing to realize it or not. Some days we fight it, and other days we flow with it. The shifts are a natural progression of our life and knowledge expanding. As we follow spirit and listen to our internal voice of inspiration and love we can make some dramatic shifts and find our life going in some amazing and exciting directions. The secret is letting go and releasing the need to have all the answers. The shift will happen, spirit will guide it, answers will come just as we least expect it.