Live a Little: Know When to Move On

When Things Don’t Work
There are times in our lives when things don’t work. There are also times when something works for a time and then sputters to an unsatisfying ending. In those moments I advise, know when to move on. You know in your gut when a situation seems odd. If things are being said that don’t jive with your internal truth meter, it’s time to assess the situation more carefully.

How Do You Know?
Are there red flags?
Have things happened that don’t add up?
Do you feel unsettled?
These are indicators that you DO KNOW.

What if I’m Uncertain?
Give it a few days, and see what transpires.
Do you feel more at ease?
Have your concerns been addressed?
Have you had a conversation that leaves you feeling better?
Have things been clarified?

No? Then it’s time to move on.

Road Sign

Ian Ransley Design and Illustration

Living a Little means knowing how to take care of you, and how to look out for you. Looking out for you means not allowing others to take advantage of you or mislead you. Trust your gut, if your body is feeling out of whack, or stressed by the situation that is a pretty strong indicator that you need to move on. Trust yourself and live a little by looking out for yourself and trusting your internal guidance. Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share your Live a Little experiences.

An Open Heart and an Open Mind

Control is a Perception and a Fallacy
We have control for as long as a situation is going our way. One day each of us wakes up realizing there are moments far beyond our experiences and far beyond what we can accept, even with our heart and mind open. An open heart allows us to take risks and to explore places we would otherwise feel incapable of exploring. It doesn’t mean we’ll feel safe every minute, but we will feel willing to be there, out of our comfort zone.

We Close Off Opportunities
When we block our heart and close ourselves off we close off opportunities and experiences. We want to protect ourselves and maintain our comfort zone. In those times we feel safer but our opportunity for new experiences and growth shift down to a lesser degree of growth. Sometimes we shift back and forth, as we feel prepared to step outside ourselves and our comfort zone.

There is no Right or Wrong
There is simply a willingness to accept that life can be different and or better than we’ve previously known. We learn with experience that opportunities present themselves and we find new and more complete happiness as we allow our experiences to shift and expand. We may find our life different than we’ve ever known. We may see our experiences as foreign and uncomfortable because it’s not our usual pattern. With time we experience a new fullness and aliveness as our heart and experiences expand and reflect a new, greater comfort zone.

Not Everyone Feels Ready to Expand Their Relationship Horizons
Some prefer the zone they know, even when it doesn’t always work for them. It’s the devil they knew, so rather than create a new kind of life they prefer to stay with what they know, even if it doesn’t truly serve them. There’s a line drawn in the sand and only they can decide when, in their heart of hearts that they are willing to cross it and begin to live life in a deeper more authentic level. It’s always a choice and a chance to love anew and to live breathlessly.