Take A Breath: Tuesday Photo

Budapest Baths

Taking moments for ourselves, taking time to rejuvenate our spirit and body is precious. Today’s photo is from St. Lukacs Thermal Baths in Budapest. This is one in a series of pools where the temperatures progress from warm, to hot to cool and cold. These thermal baths are considered to have medicinal healing properties for the body. After a day spent at the baths my skin feels softer and my body feels relaxed. I wish for each of you to find a special time for yourselves today.

Twice a Month Musings: I’m Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song

I’m Gonna Live My Life Like A Jimmy Buffett Song By: Anthony Bjorkland

I’m Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song is a fictional story. The main character is Jack, who decides a major life change is in order after a near fatal car crash. The book is the story of these often hilarious life changes. Jack goes from the frigid cold of Minnesota to the island vibe of the Florida Keys and beyond, as his new life unfolds.

Photo Credit: I’m Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song By: Anthony Bjorkland

I enjoyed Anthony’s use of lines from Jimmy Buffett songs as chapter headings in the book. Jack relates his experiences in such a humorous way that each of us can feel the unfolding of his experiences. Though his adventures up to the accident were very limited, this fictional story shows just how much a person can transform when they really desire change. I’m Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song is the first of a four book series. Each of them deepens Jack’s island adventure, and is fun to read.

Twice a Month Musings: Tropical Delusion

Tropical Delusion By: Jeff Ashmead


Tropical Delusion is the true journey of one couple and their dream of buying property on the beach in Mexico. Their move to Mexico and the experiences they face while renovating are eye opening, funny and full of frustration. This memoir is their roller coaster ride of life in Mexico.  Though at times the book is a little top heavy on the challenges of their hotel construction experiences, their life in Mexico will have you laughing, shaking your head and dreaming of life on the beach. 

My Favorite Travelogues; Twice a Month Musings

When I began reading Love With a Chance of Drowning
I couldn’t put it down. I read Torre’s entire book in less than three days. It’s hilariously funny; probably the best travelogue I’ve ever read.

Torre is open in sharing the intensity of her experiences and the fears she faced sailing across the ocean. Her ability to draw you into her experience through her excellent writing will have you wishing the book would never end. Her journey of fear, adventure and love with a man she’s known only months is the focus of Love with a Chance of Drowning. For more from Torre DeRoche look at her blog, The Fearful Adventurer.

Torre DeRoche