I Won’t Let Go

Today I was reminded of my father. Last July I woke from a dream and I felt my father’s support surrounding me and I heard the words from the song I Won’t Let Go. Today just as I finished praying about something important in my life I turned on the radio in the car and this song began to play. There are no coincidences, that was a divine moment of love and support and I’m grateful. May you feel the divine love and support of someone you love who has passed on. I wish you a moment as beautiful as mine, an unexpected moment of support. Take a minute and watch this Rascal Flatts video of I Won’t Let Go. It’s very moving.

You’re not alone, I will stand by you I will see you through. You’re not alone, you’re not on your own, you’re not alone. I will stand by you, I will help you through. When you have done all you can do and you can’t cope I will dry your eyes, I will fight your fight, I won’t let you go, I won’t let you go. No I won’t let you go.


Life Shifts
Sometimes life shifts imperceptibly and at other times the shift is so dramatic that we feel it, see it and everyone around us notices it. So what causes our lives to shift? Sometimes our shift is self inspired. A move to a completely different culture and country is a big shift. Nothing shifts your life faster than getting on a plane and living full throttle in a culture you don’t understand fully, where they’re speaking a language you barely comprehend.

Moves like this shift your perceptions and life dramatically. Through years of living overseas in situations where I had to adapt I now feel comfortable living in a variety of places and cultures. I’m willing to embrace new cultures and overseas experiences with ease.

Shifts Happen
A shift can occur when we have an “Ah Ha” moment; suddenly we “get it” and we can stop repeating old patterns and move into a new way of living and being. In my opinion shifts also occur when we have either a spiritual change in our life, or a healing of emotional or physical pain.

Shifts happen whether we’re aware of them or not. Shifts happen when we feel loved, when we feel supported and when we understand that we have no longer need to hold on to old habits. Shifts can change our lives; they open our minds to new ways of living and new ways of doing things. Some shifts happen gradually because spirit knows that’s all we can handle. Other times they are so dramatic that they are painful, such as the loss of a loved one.

They Aren’t All Warm and Fuzzy
Every shift is different and they are not all warm and fuzzy or comfortable. Sometimes a shift takes us far out of our comfort zone and we have to learn to adapt to a new way of living and thinking. That process of learning to think differently is the shift taking place. When we become at ease and we see our life expanded we realize the shift has occurred and it’s usually an exciting time with new opportunities and new experiences.

Spirit is Guiding Us
Spirit is always guiding our life, whether we are willing to realize it or not. Some days we fight it, and other days we flow with it. The shifts are a natural progression of our life and knowledge expanding. As we follow spirit and listen to our internal voice of inspiration and love we can make some dramatic shifts and find our life going in some amazing and exciting directions. The secret is letting go and releasing the need to have all the answers. The shift will happen, spirit will guide it, answers will come just as we least expect it.

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real By: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

The title and the photo of Colton on the cover, drew me to this book. I’ve been touched many times over by books of near death experiences. My first book about near death experiences was Betty Eadie’s Embraced by the Light. It was transforming to me. Later I read Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven. All three of these books holds a special thread. The spirit and grace of God flow through them. The love that showers down upon us from heaven is evident and transforming within their pages.

Heaven is for Real is a beautiful example of the spirit of God touching a life and a family.
The ripples of God’s love touch each reader. This book allows us to see that there is far more to heaven than what we understand here on earth. This touching story comes from the mouth of a babe. Colton, not yet four years old during his surgery, shares his profound experiences of heaven.

Colton Burpo
Colton details information about what each of his parents were doing in another part of the hospital, as he lie in surgery. He details what he saw and learned while he was in heaven. While in heaven, he met his sister. She was a sibling who died in her mother’s womb, before Colton’s birth. He told his mother, “God has adopted her and yah, she just can’t wait for you and daddy to get to heaven.” The story of Colton Burpo’s time in heaven is both beautiful and touching.

Colton’s parents are shaken and astounded at the information Colton shares about heaven. They recognize that the details are true. Despite the fact that Colton’s father is a minister; they know the four year old sunday school curriculum doesn’t cover the vivid details of heaven that Colton is sharing.

Colton Meets Pop
Colton tells his parents he met Pop. Todd’s father died 23 years before Colton’s birth. Todd asks Colton to describe Pop, and shows him the last photo taken of Pop. Colton tells his father that people in heaven aren’t old and they don’t wear glasses. Weeks later Colton recognizes Pop from a photograph taken in 1943. Pop was 29 in the photo. The photo had been stored in a box his grandmothers closet since before Colton’s birth. This book will inspire and touch your heart. It’s details, and the love expressed from heaven from the words of a child, are a sweet reminder that heaven is for real.

This book is available from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

I received this book as a publishers review copy.

Life Transitions

Florida Beach

Indian Shores Beach, Florida

The last year has held huge life transitions for me. I went through a short sale on the home I inherited from my dad after his death. I now contemplate my own town home and my transitioning career as I contemplate another move abroad. It feels chaotic. It feels terrifying in some moments. But, it’s been this time of life transition, change and real life challenges which brought me to a place of discovering the next steps in my life.

Women in transition face choices that affect many areas of our lives. Changing cities affects our support network, it affects our family and is definitely a time of stepping outside our comfort zone. Career transitions amp up the effect even more with new people in our lives, new responsibilities and new demands on our time while adapting to a new location, new job and new experiences.

A Roller Coaster of Emotions
Making our way through these transitions can bring about a flurry of emotional feelings including excitement, terror, fear, frustration, transformation, sadness, loneliness, joy, relief and eventually a sense of well being and peace. In the last year my emotions have a been a roller coaster of change.  I’ve faced real life challenges. I’ve had days of excitement followed by moments of sheer terror. I’ve accepted the sadness that comes with deeply personal life changes. These changes have transformed my every day life. With acceptance of the sadness came a renewed sense of excitement at what the future holds for me. 

Learning To Deal with Anxiety During Transitions
Dealing with stress and anxiety during any transition period is essential. Contemplative meditation helps me along with journaling. Writing in a journal gives me the opportunity to express all my stressful feelings and thoughts and to look at them logically and really consider the reality of each of my concerns and fears. What I often find is that the concerns are blown out of proportion.

Yes, I Could Fall on My Face
I could fail, but the likelihood is much greater that I will succeed and transition smoothly into a new phase of life. Contemplative meditation helps me during times of stress, by offering me a time of silence, and a focus on prayer. It calms and relaxes me, bringing me back to center, allowing me to reassess my day and make proactive choices, rather than reacting which is critical when facing challenges in life.

A Woman in Transition
As women we deal with challenges and changes differently than men, so it’s critical that we maintain a support network and provide opportunities for ourselves through times of transition to feel supported and cared for by those in our lives. Love, friendship and an ability to be flexible are the cornerstones of women’s lives. We care, we share and we move forward with change, watching the horizon for what lies ahead with much excitement and a sense of who we can become when we believe in our dreams.