Dream Comes True; Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum Maya Ruins

In 1993 a friend of mine was working in Mexico. He visited the Tulum Mayan Ruins and sent me a post card. It was one of those stunning turquoise blue water shots, with one of the Tulum temples at the edge of the water. It captivated me and from that moment I wanted to visit the Tulum Mayan Ruins.

Life took me in many directions, but never toward Tulum, or Mexico. In my head I always had Tulum on a list. The list contains a few long desired travel destinations including Greece, Bruges Belgium, Alaska, Red Square in Moscow, the Maldives and Tahiti. Tulum Mexico has moved off the list.

Tulum Beach
Champagne on the beach, Tulum, Mexico.

Mexico Beach
The Beach at Tulum, Mexico.

My dream came true, I visited the ruins at Tulum last year. It was surreal, and was a cherished day. It was one of those moments that truly allowed me to see how far my life has come. It was a reminder to refocus my desires, and continue to visualize the dreams I have. I know there is a guiding force in my life, helping to create opportunities and guiding me toward my best choices. Visiting the Tulum Maya Ruins was my dream, and a sweet reminder of what is possible. I’m grateful.

Live a Little; My Hammock in Paradise

Aruba Beach
This is a photo I took on Aruba, when I was on a press trip for Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Today was an Aha moment for me.
When I really think about it, I’m surprised I didn’t have this realization sooner. I love islands, I’ve spent six years of my life living on islands in the Pacific. In addition to that I’ve spent nearly a decade living in Florida. When I have the option of a tropical vacation I take it. In addition to those obvious facts, I write a blog for Wanderlust and Lipstick called Hammock in Paradise. Is there anyone out there who is surprised at this time that I prefer island life and island lifestyles? No? Yeah, easy to spot hmn…. so why did it take me looking at a million overseas jobs for the last year to realize I’d really rather be on an island, in a tropical locale? No idea.

An Island Feels Like Home
I think at times we get so caught up in the “search” for what we want, that we actually forget what we LOVE. Yes, of course I’m willing to take a job that is not on an island, but my heart lies in the tropics. As I read the vacancy listing and I read through the reviews on International Schools Review I realized, islands are a fit for me. Some people bore easily, they get tired of island living. It is a simple lifestyle. If you need a lot of events such as big name shows, art museums and opportunities to dress in your finest for dinner, an island is not for you (except as a vacation destination.) You won’t find everything from home, and when you do find things from home they will cost the freaking moon. It’s an island and if you didn’t bring it with you, it’s imported and that means $$. Give me a beach, a book, a rum drink and time to explore and I’m a happy woman. I don’t need a lot of frills, and I love to go barefoot. Island life fits me to a tee.

sunset, living life to the fullest

An Island Girl
So, in the midst of my stress over international jobs, pet entry requirements and schools I had forgotten, I’m and island girl, who loves my hammock in paradise. That little aha moment this morning did something wonderful for my spirit; it reminded me who I am and where ever I go, I take that love of islands with me. What do you really love? What makes your heart sing? Spend a little time thinking about what really calls to you in life. Read other inspiring posts about how to Live a Little at Skimbaco Lifestyle Those moments, those aha reminders they help you Live a Little more fully.

Live a Little: Know When to Move On

When Things Don’t Work
There are times in our lives when things don’t work. There are also times when something works for a time and then sputters to an unsatisfying ending. In those moments I advise, know when to move on. You know in your gut when a situation seems odd. If things are being said that don’t jive with your internal truth meter, it’s time to assess the situation more carefully.

How Do You Know?
Are there red flags?
Have things happened that don’t add up?
Do you feel unsettled?
These are indicators that you DO KNOW.

What if I’m Uncertain?
Give it a few days, and see what transpires.
Do you feel more at ease?
Have your concerns been addressed?
Have you had a conversation that leaves you feeling better?
Have things been clarified?

No? Then it’s time to move on.

Road Sign

Ian Ransley Design and Illustration

Living a Little means knowing how to take care of you, and how to look out for you. Looking out for you means not allowing others to take advantage of you or mislead you. Trust your gut, if your body is feeling out of whack, or stressed by the situation that is a pretty strong indicator that you need to move on. Trust yourself and live a little by looking out for yourself and trusting your internal guidance. Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share your Live a Little experiences.

Live a Little: Take a Risk

Live a Little is a continuing weekly series on Skimbaco Lifestyle, through Live a Little you’ll discover new ways to expand your life. My tip to Live a Little more fully is to Take a Risk. Nothing in life is guaranteed and if you always stick with the safe and known life can be a stagnant and boring.

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, and say YES to opportunity.
Off road in the desert

Photo Credit Bryn Pinzgauer

Yes, I will venture into the unknown.
Yes, I will take that drive across the desert.
Yes, I will pile the family on the train and explore the West Coast.
Yes, I will take that new job and make a bold move.

What’s holding you back?
Is it the fear of the unknown? Is it the harping voices of those you know, stuck in their own life telling you it can’t be done. Do they remind you that you COULD fail? IGNORE THEM. Trust me the voices of doom and gloom are people who rarely live a rich life because they are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Think it through and then take a risk.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Adventure and success rarely happen within your comfort zone. It takes stepping out, trusting your gut and making some bold, calculated moves to create the adventure or Live a Little life I’m talking about. Are you ready? Live a Little, Take a Risk, you’ll be happier for it.