Guam Memories

At heart I’m an island girl. I’ve lived six years of my life on tropical islands in the Pacific. I’ve lived another eleven years in the warm climates of Florida and Southern California. To say that I’m a beach girl who loves to live with her feet in the sand is a MAJOR understatement.

My idea of a great life is a beach bungalow, a few friends, a beach bar and a great walk on the beach with a man I love, and my dog. That is pretty much my ideal life. Today, as I look at another cold day in Budapest I am wishing for that simple, tropical life.


Tarague Beach, Guam

I lived that simple life for three years on Guam. I loved it. I learned to scuba dive, I hiked and I had one of the best adventures of my life. It was my first expat experience and it created within me a passion for travel, islands and living overseas.


I love my life in Budapest. I have great friends, great coworkers and an amazing city to explore. I just DETEST WINTER. UGH. There is nothing I hate more than winter. So today, I celebrate my love of the tropics with a few photos of my favorite Guam beach, Tarague. I spent more weekends on this beach than I can count. I camped, I swam and I layed in a hammock. I saw a wild pig on Tarague Beach and I made friends I still have today. I created the beginning of a life I treasure still today. I want to return to Guam someday, for a vacation. It’s an island I fell in love with and an island that changed my life.

Photo Credits Anja_johnson

Prayers for Japan

As I’ve watched the devastation unfold in Japan I’m stunned. Japan has been shattered by the earthquake, the Tsunami that followed and now by the nuclear disaster unfolding. This is a time when we all need to help, pray and offer our support to the country of Japan. May the citizens of Japan be surrounded by our healing prayers and may those that have survived this terrible disaster find support, love and healing.


Photo taken in Tokyo by Motoyen Flickr Creative Commons