Take A Breath: Tuesday Photo

Budapest Baths

Taking moments for ourselves, taking time to rejuvenate our spirit and body is precious. Today’s photo is from St. Lukacs Thermal Baths in Budapest. This is one in a series of pools where the temperatures progress from warm, to hot to cool and cold. These thermal baths are considered to have medicinal healing properties for the body. After a day spent at the baths my skin feels softer and my body feels relaxed. I wish for each of you to find a special time for yourselves today.

Magic Monday: Keleti Palyaudver

Keleti Palyaudver is the largest of three train stations in Budapest. The station was constructed from 1881 through 1884. The train station is currently under going restoration; some portions of the building have already returned to their former architectural beauty.

Keleti station
A restored section of the Keleti Palyaudver Station in Budapest.

Keleti palyaudver station
One of several restored murals in the Keleti Palyaudver Station.

Keleti Station
The Keleti Station departures board.

Magic Monday: Photo

A child (at a wedding) outside a church in Varenna, Italy.





Beautiful Switzerland

If a big part of your travel experience is photo opportunities, you’ll love Switzerland. There are memorable images around every corner. You can walk, drive, or hike to sights both familiar and new.  Many will be breathtaking; many will be worth photographing; all will be committed to memory.


Mountains are ubiquitous. They serve as background for pastoral scenes and contemporary scenes such as this lovely harbor and landscaped fountain at Lake Maggiore. The mountains grow only more breathtaking as you visit the quaint villages which dot the landscape.

switzerland fields

Even this cornfield with impressively tall stalks has a backdrop of mountains in beautiful Switzerland.


A hike in the Alps.

Photo credit: Carlisle617

The Alps are breathtaking. Include a hike in your agenda, and you’ll see how lovely the countryside is when viewed from a mountain top, a cable car or at eye level. The trails accommodate all hiking styles and skills, and there’s no shortage of them. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it in Switzerland.