Driving in Switzerland; A Road Trip with Dogs

swiss alps summer

Driving through the lower Alps in summer.

Driving in Switzerland, especially through the Alps is one of the most beautiful trips on earth. My eleven day road trip through five countries was my first European road trip with dogs; though my third road trip with pets in the car. For in depth advice and insight on a road trip with dogs check out my post Car Travel With Pets

Swiss Road Trip
Tanner and I on our road trip through Europe.

This particular trip encompassed Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland. Switzerland offers drivers excellent roads, well marked tunnels and mountain passes as well as wide driving lanes in most areas. Particulars to consider when driving in Switzerland include: being prepared for the many tunnels through the Alps, purchasing a road Vignette (cost 34 Euro) and generally the cost of everything in Switzerland. You’ll find Swiss Motorways a helpful website for information about Swiss roadways and vingettes.

switzerland driving
Roads in Switzerland are well marked.

Be prepared for high costs in Switzerland. A single lunch for two at a lake front restaurant in the Lake Maggiore region cost 54 Swiss Franc’s; which is $57 US dollars. (To clarify this was not an extravagant lunch, it included two normal entrees a beer and a soda.) Switzerland is expensive; your best option if you’re on a budget is to do a day trip from another country. Consider one of the bordering countries of Austria, Italy, France, Germany or Liechtenstein. This will help keep costs lower. Remember also while traveling in Switzerland and EU countries you must have an EU Pet Passport. With appropriate documentation and vaccinations this can be obtained from your vet. Switzerland is well worth the time and expense, it remains one of my favorite countries to visit in Europe. To read further about our European road trip look at Traveling Europe with a Dog.

Lake Maggiore Switzerland
Lake Maggiore, Switzerland