Scenic Bavarian Drives

To see a country, to REALLY see a country, get in a car and take a nice long afternoon drive. In Bavaria, one such pastoral drive connects a series of farms and villages with the majestic Alps watching over them. Kochel, a lake area with beautiful scenery and views, for example, is where the Herzogstandbahn is.

Very near Kochel, roughly a 20-minute drive, is Urfeld, a small village on the Walchensee Lake. One can eat lunch overlooking the lake at Cafe am See, a small local restaurant offering great German sausages, beer and, of course, the relaxing view. There is a walking trail around the lake, starting near the restaurant, and heading up into the forest, on the back side of the lake. The entire drive around Kochelsee (Kochel Lake) and Walchensee (Walchen Lake) is beautiful and filled with views of nature, lakes and small villages.


Between Kochel and Urfeld be on the look out for a tiny, charming church on the right,and take out your camera. It is a both beautiful and quaint. This drive offers a real view of Bavaria and is good route to reach the Alps.

For those wishing to take the train instead of driving, there are stops in Mittenwald and Kleis that will get you to the Karwendel Bahn mountain cable car to explore the Bavarian Alps for a day.


Another day trip option is to go through the beautiful Bavarian town of Murnau and Oberau and on to well known Garmish Partenkirchen. Bavaria is filled with charming villages. Stops along the way will bring you to green fields where cow bells can be heard and the bleat of sheep is all that breaks the tranquil silence, as you take in the Alps.