Spiritual Support: The Ascended Masters and Mom

This is a guest post written by Mystic Makeda

Last week my 25 year old daughter, Monique, called me from Kentucky, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and worried. She was preparing for the “GRILL”, which was the test all employees have to take to move forward in her company. There were topics from “accounting” to “everything you think you might need to know”. You went from department to department being “grilled” about what that particular department did, and their relationship to other departments. The goal of the “griller” is to hit you and hit you hard. One in particular had a reputation of making the “grillee” cry. The pressure was on. As an employee she works an average of 55 hours per week, plus she’s a new mom with a three month old son. She and her husband share duties, but as most women know, we are usually the overall caregiver of the family.

So, here we are two days before the “grill” and she’s a wreck. With both she and her husband as recent college grads they both found great jobs, she at a national car rental company, and he at a multinational company. They both make a decent salary, but with car notes, rent, baby everything, and huge student loans, they frankly needed the money passing this test would provide. Needless to say, a lot was riding on the outcome of this test.

The call came in, “Mom. You got to help me with this test. You need to call on somebody, people, spirits or anybody to help me!” Monique has grown up with a mother that wasn’t necessarily like other moms. I was always a “woo woo”. As a matter of fact she often calls me “Glenda, The Good Witch”, or “Harry Potter”. I much prefer “Glenda” she was such a kind, compassionate witch. But I digress, “What can you do Mom? We need the money now!”

Metaphysics is what excites me. I love the role of spiritual counselor and life coach, both offer me the opportunity to teach and inspire others by sharing my own life experiences and lessons. I instantly thought of Doreen Virtue, PhD’s book, “Archangels and Ascended Masters”. I knew the information I needed was there.

Now I believe we all have a spiritual team around us. We have our departed loved ones, angels, guardian angels, ancestors, and various archangels and ascended masters around us at all times. The members of your team may vary depending on the particular circumstances. You can add anyone to your team that resonates with you. What about the Chinese goddess of mercy, protection and compassion, Kuan Yin? Mother Teresa, a nun, dedicated her life to nurturing the world would be a good addition. What I wanted to do for my daughter is pull together the best team for this specific issue.

I settled on Lu-Hsing to take the lead on this mission. Lu-Hsing is the god of salaries, pay, success, career progress, investments, steady accumulation, wealth and employees. Lu-Hsing was a mortal man who was a high ranking royal court official in China during the 2nd-century B.C. According to Doreen Virtue, Lu-Hsing says, “The secret of financial success is the willingness to adopt a warrior spirit in attitude, grace and presence.” He goes on to say “…Warriors have an outlook of expecting a positive outcome, and a willingness to do whatever is needed to incur that outcome. It means not giving up, but allowing for flexibility, and to flow with the energy or chi as it moves along. Be strong, be vigilant for success, and be sensitive to the energy undercurrents, and you shan’t go wrong.”

This was exactly what I was looking for. Doreen Virtue goes on to say to invoke Lu-Hsing write, “Thank you, Lu-Hsing” on a piece of paper, fold it, and hold it in your palm during the applicable situations. I passed this information on, encouraged her to take her time, focus on her breathing and slow everything down if she began to feel overwhelmed or anxious. At the end of our call she seemed calmer and more in control.

Needless to say, Monique can through the process with flying colors. While she felt she did “O.K.” the next day her boss’s boss told all the other managers that, “Monique crushed the Grill”. It seems she did better than most other grillees. After that, she was flooded with calls and e-mails congratulating her on her accomplishments. Not only did she get an instant raise, this put her in the enviable spot of the managers all wanting her to work as an assistant manager in their branch. When she makes money, they make money.

I of course wasn’t surprised. I expected no less. I have worked with the archangels and ascended master enough to know they were the real deal, and if you want to make things happen, one just has to ask for assistance. I encourage anyone interested in learning more to check this particular book and to look over Doreen Virtue’s extensive list of books, intuitive cards, and other metaphysical material.

I got a call yesterday from my daughter asking for help once again. An assistant manager job vacancy has come open and she has received e-mails encouraging her to apply. I know without a single doubt that she will get the right position for her needs. All things are DRO (Divine Right Order). So she will again call on Lu-Hsing. I will be calling on Archangel Michael, Hathor, Ishtar, Mother Mary and other mothering goddesses and teachers to help guide me as I guide her.