Photo of the Day: Nyhavn

Today’s photo comes from Nyhavn area of Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Nyhavn area of Copenhagen is filled with 17th & 18th Century buildings that are now restaurants, cafes and bars. The original area was known for sailors, beer and all that goes along with that particular combination. The building with the oldest history is #9, which is from 1661. For additional information on Nyhavn consult my source at Wikipedia.

Photo Credit Stig Nyggards

Photo of the Day: Nicolaj Kirke, Copenhagen

Today’s photo is from Copenhagen, Denmark. The photo shows the Nicolaj Kirke, (church) and the statues of Absalon and the Fishwife. This church spire was constructed as an exact replica of the original 17th century, Renaissance spire.

The first Nicolaj Church was built in 1200, fires in 1794 destroyed many, many buildings in the city of Copenhagen. Only the brick tower remained, the church spire was destroyed. From that time the fire brigade used the tower as a lookout. The area around the tower became a marketplace. To visit Nicolaj Kirke you would take the metro to Kongens Nytorv.

The church was rebuilt in 1917, when the church was inaugurated for cultural and commercial events. My resource for this post was Nicolaj Kirke

Copenhagen Church

Nicolai Kirke Photo Credit Casper Moller Flickr

Call it Spring: Denmark

Today’s Call it Spring photos are from Denmark. I love many things about Europe, but one of my favorites is being in a coastal city and enjoying the water and the sunshine.

A sunny day on the water in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Photo Credit smaedli Flickr


The colors of Copenhagen
Photo Credit Benjamin Rabe Flickr