Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real By: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

The title and the photo of Colton on the cover, drew me to this book. I’ve been touched many times over by books of near death experiences. My first book about near death experiences was Betty Eadie’s Embraced by the Light. It was transforming to me. Later I read Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven. All three of these books holds a special thread. The spirit and grace of God flow through them. The love that showers down upon us from heaven is evident and transforming within their pages.

Heaven is for Real is a beautiful example of the spirit of God touching a life and a family.
The ripples of God’s love touch each reader. This book allows us to see that there is far more to heaven than what we understand here on earth. This touching story comes from the mouth of a babe. Colton, not yet four years old during his surgery, shares his profound experiences of heaven.

Colton Burpo
Colton details information about what each of his parents were doing in another part of the hospital, as he lie in surgery. He details what he saw and learned while he was in heaven. While in heaven, he met his sister. She was a sibling who died in her mother’s womb, before Colton’s birth. He told his mother, “God has adopted her and yah, she just can’t wait for you and daddy to get to heaven.” The story of Colton Burpo’s time in heaven is both beautiful and touching.

Colton’s parents are shaken and astounded at the information Colton shares about heaven. They recognize that the details are true. Despite the fact that Colton’s father is a minister; they know the four year old sunday school curriculum doesn’t cover the vivid details of heaven that Colton is sharing.

Colton Meets Pop
Colton tells his parents he met Pop. Todd’s father died 23 years before Colton’s birth. Todd asks Colton to describe Pop, and shows him the last photo taken of Pop. Colton tells his father that people in heaven aren’t old and they don’t wear glasses. Weeks later Colton recognizes Pop from a photograph taken in 1943. Pop was 29 in the photo. The photo had been stored in a box his grandmothers closet since before Colton’s birth. This book will inspire and touch your heart. It’s details, and the love expressed from heaven from the words of a child, are a sweet reminder that heaven is for real.

This book is available from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

I received this book as a publishers review copy.


Surrender to Spirit
When we know that we are on our spiritual path there comes a time when we must surrender completely to spirit. When no matter what the appearance of our life, we know that spirit is guiding our direction. This is one of those times in my life. Fighting the tide does not work, it’s like trying to swim out of a riptide, it can’t be done, I must float, release and know that I am safe and provided for.

I Follow My Heart
Right now the challenges of my life are great, but I know spirit is greater and I know that the work that I have done, the open channel I have provided and the efforts of my writing and following spiritual guidance are being acknowledged and will be rewarded. I know spirit put me on this path of sharing my story. God knew that I would follow my heart, share my story and in the process inspire others to begin looking at their own pain and grief. This is not an easy path, it isn’t easy to pour out your heart for all to see. To write and detail the mistakes you make, the missteps you take. I had to move past all that and realize the greater good in my honesty, in my compassion and know that it would be through both that I could begin to inspire healing in others.

Allow Spirit to Unfold the Blessings
There are moments still when I am touched with fear, with indecision, with pain. I have learned to move through those moments, to accept the feelings and allow them to dissipate naturally. I do not allow them to take over, I cry, I pray, I meditate and I write. I allow my spirit to take control and those moments become less and the pain begins to disappear. This week in the midst of my personal challenges I have been reminded twice through a quote that this is my time to surrender. I have done the work, I have expended the effort, now it is time to allow spirit to unfold the blessings and release my concerns and my doubt.

I touch people through my experiences, my truth and the words that spirit guides my fingers to put on this page. This is not the writing I wanted to do long ago, it is the writing that spirit determined I would do. It pleases me today, but there have been many days it did not. I wanted to write romance novels or travelogues. I wanted the exotic and romantic. Instead I got heart wrenching, emotionally draining pieces to write on my grief, on the depths of my pain. I understand now that my peace and inner strength come from what I have faced, what I have healed and I am happy today.

I am Grateful Today
I am grateful for this gift, the words spirit provides me to share with others. I am grateful every day for my life, for my writing and for the gift of those I treasure in my life. It is a matter of surrendering and allowing spirit to drive your life. You can fight it, you can struggle against it. But eventually surrender is the only answer that makes sense. Your life becomes joyful and nourishing to your soul. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth the discomfort. Surrender and discover what spirit has in store.

Lifting My Spirit

This is a guest post by Sandra Foster

Right now I am feeling overwhelmed by issues and many illnesses within my family. I am being torn in several directions by indecision as to where I am needed most. This is a decision I can only make myself and I will through weighing the issues and priority of each individual needing help. As I was looking for spiritual guidance I found the following poem in a book I was reading at the time. I think it is worth sharing.

The Command for the Angels

As I gazed up at the mountains, I was awed by their majesty,

I bowed my head and asked myself, “Why should He care for me?

I am not great like the mountains that tower so high above,

What is there about me that God can find to love?”

“Father, I am not strong like the wind that makes your tall trees sway,

I cannot sing sweetly like your birds; will you love me anyway?

But most of all, I am simply me, and often have cause to fear,

In spite of all weaknesses, do you promise to be near?”

With eyes closed tight against my tears, I wished He could hear me pray.

Then I felt His Spirit tell me, “Child, look up, I have something to say.

“You are simply you, the spirit I love, a part of my great plan.

I put you here to learn of life and to return to me again.”

“You are more beautiful to me than the loveliest mountain I made,

And your strength exceeds that of the winds; so do not be afraid.

I love you not for what you are, but for what I know you will be.

I am always beside you watching you grow, you are very special to me.”

A smile touched my lips – I knew it was true; my Father had always been there

Giving me comfort and blessings and love and my own special talents to share.

So I do my best to make Him proud. I am not afraid, for you see,

He loves me not for what I am, but for what He knows I will be.

Author Unknown

Photo Credit: Flickr job_earth

I know God will lead me in the direction I must go and have total faith it will be the right decision for me.