Feng Shui Your Front Door

This article was written by Reba Jean Cain, you find more from Reba on her website; Rebajeancain.com

Are you interested in learning how to work with Feng Shui in your home?
If so, a good place to start is with your front door. In this post, you will learn how to assess the Feng Shui of your front door, then apply Feng Shui cures to correct any problems you discover.

Feng Shui the Front Door

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Your Front Door

Your front door is one of the most important parts of your home from a Feng Shui perspective. It is your connection to the chi (life force energy), which ultimately is responsible for creating all the good things in your life – love, career success, money, health, etc

Considering how important it is, you may want to use the following Assessment to determine if your front entrance needs some Feng Shui help. The front door and entrance area should be clean, well lighted, welcoming and visible from the street.


1. Does your door have a good coat of paint? Is it free of dog or cat scratches? – The physical condition of the door makes an instant first impression on visitors. A shabby front door blocks chi from coming into the house, which does not support success, health and happiness. Apply a fresh coat of paint if your front door looks shabby.

2. Are there dead plants, leaves, overhanging bushes or empty flower pots at your front entrance? If so, clear the dead vegetation and clutter and add seasonal pots of plants to keep the energy fresh and energized all year long. Geraniums in the summer are especially good as they are red and call in chi.

3. Is there a welcome mat or welcome plaque that creates an inviting feeling? If not, add a mat that causes you to feel happy and uplifted. Round or oval shapes are good to off set the yang angles at the front of most homes. Also try to include all the five elements –wood, fire, earth, metal and water – in the design of the welcome mat.
4. Do you have a long straight side walk that leads to your front door? If so, this creates a poison arrow aimed right at your front door. An excellent way to cure this problem is to add plants in a staggered fashion on both sides of the walk to create a curved effect.

5. Is the doorknob loose and wobbly or does the door stick? Loose doorknobs make it hard for the home’s occupants to get a handle on their lives. Stuck doors, especially the front door, are usually a reflection that areas of your life are stuck. Purchase new doornobs if needed and realign the front door so it does not stick. This often is not simple to accomplish. However it is crucial to fix a front door that sticks and will be well worth it for the shift that will occur in your life.

If your front door is not in excellent shape according to this assessment, adjusting its Feng Shui will support you in creating more success, health and abundance in your life.

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Space Clearing

This is a guest post written by Reba Jean Cain.

Reba Jean Cain

You can connect with Reba through her website, Rebajeancain.com

Space Clearing

Space Clearing, one of the elements of Feng Shui, is perfect for creating a peaceful energy in your home that will support you to stay centered and balanced.

Space Clearing is a process for cleanses the energy flowing through your home. Space Clearing involves doing a simple ceremony to release the negative energies. Start by creating an altar on your coffee table. Cover the table with a beautiful scarf, and then add a candle, spiritual figurine, a crystal or objects that represent the sacred to you.

Life Energy Water

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The Ceremony
Start your ceremony at the altar with a prayer or meditation to call in angels, your spiritual helpers and guides. State your intention of cleansing your space from all negative energies and ask these celestial beings to help.

Next move through each room and clear the energy by ringing a bell, beating a drum or burning a smudge stick (desert sage tied tightly into a bundle). This can be obtained at a health food store or New Age bookstore. It is one of the most powerful ways to Space Clear. Native Americans have used this method for centuries to clear and uplift energy. Be sure to open a door or window slightly to release the negative energies as you clear.

Affirm Your Positive Intentions
After you have cleared each room, move through again stating your positive intention for that space. For example, in the kitchen, you might affirm your intention to have peaceful stress free meals that nourish your body.  In the bedroom, you might affirm your intention to have restful sleep that regenerates your body. To seal the intention, use your hand to draw the infinity symbol in the air. The infinity symbol looks like a figure eight lying on its side. You could also draw in the air any other sacred symbol that is meaningful to you.

Give Thanks
Complete your Space Clearing Ceremony by returning to your altar and giving thanks to your angels and spiritual helpers. Ask that the new energy be integrated with calmness and peace. You now have clear energy to live peacefully in each day.

An excellent book on this subject is Sacred Space by Denise Linn. You also may want to go to this link on my website to see a more in-depth explanation of each of the Space Clearing steps http://www.rebajeancain.com/Pages/SpaceClearing.htm


Intend Your Way to Success

This post was written by Reba Jean Cain.

Reba Jean Cain

You can connect with Reba through her website, RebaJeanCain.com
Feng Shui and Intention are a powerful pair. Used together, they can support you in reaching goals. Here’s how:  Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy (chi) through your home. Factors that affect how energy flows are furniture arrangement, furnishings, color, and all the items that you have in your home. In fact, your home is one big energy affirmation!  In other words, the combined energy of everything in your home pulses a message constantly. If you love your home and everything in it, it affirms love, comfort, and peace. If however, it is cluttered and you don’t like the colors or furnishings, it affirms uneasiness, anxiety and stress.

following your dreams

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An intention is a state of mind in which you have decided to do, be or have something, no matter what.  It is not an affirmation, or a plan or a goal, although these can support your intention. It is a way of focusing energy so specifically that it literally causes energy to coalesce into a certain experience, way of being, or attainment of an object.
Using the principle that your home is one big energy affirmation, Feng Shui can give your intention a tailwind. If  the energy of your home reflects the intention, the chi then affirms the intention constantly – just like a lighthouse emitting beams of light.
Let’s chose the intention of exercising or losing weight, a seemly ever present concern in our minds. The area of your home that relates to health, according to the Feng Shui bagua map, is the center of your house and the center of each room. To support your healthy intention, place an item in the center that represents a slim body or exercising. This could be a photo of you at your ideal weight or a picture of you when you felt and looked healthy. It could be a collage of people running, swimming or doing the exercises you intend to do. It could also be a healthy plant or a round faceted crystal, used with the intention of drawing healthy chi to that area. Each time you see this item, your brain will be reminded, on a subconscious level, of your intention.

Fresh Vegetables from the garden

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If you have unhealthy foods in your pantry, remove them. Make your kitchen pulsate healthy eating habits. Pull the exercise machine out, dust it off – have it look inviting and calling you energetically to use it.  One of the biggest problems related to weight is clutter. Clutter represents extra baggage, therefore extra pounds and lowered energy.
Remember, nonverbally your home is affirming energy that supports your intention or not. Walk through your home and “listen” to what it is saying. Does it say good health and high energy or lethargy and extra pounds?

Clearing Space and Clearing Your Mind

Clearing Space and Cleaning Closets
If you have been following my posts the last week or so then you already know I’ve been clearing boxes of stuff from my office and guest room closets. It’s an assortment of stuff that got dumped there nearly a year ago when I officially moved. Like anyone, sorting through the things I don’t necessarily need seems like a hassle. The reality is that I spend a lot of time working at home as a writer and I enjoy my space (even closets) so much more when they are organized. I tend to be a very organized writer, I like my space to be upbeat and comfortable. I hate having piles of papers everywhere; so the idea of closets filled with excess is not attractive to me either. Yet It seemed so overwhelming and time consuming to deal with.

Feng Shui
Finally at the encouragement of my friend Myscha I began to seriously think about organizing the closets and giving another few jeep loads to charity. I thought about the job for a day or so, not really overly enthused to begin. Just looking at it all felt overwhelming. After talking to another friend, Doreen and hearing her excitement over her own home’s Feng Shui changes I went home encouraged and set to work. I began as Doreen had with Feng Shui tips and then as I felt my energy and the energy of the rooms I was working on shift I began to feel excited about clearing my space.

It Wasn’t All Exciting
Okay, every moment wasn’t exciting or even interesting. Some of it was down right booooriiiing. But, the finished result, a closet which looks neatly organized and guest room walls brimming with some art and color that brings energy and life to the room made a vast difference in my mental attitude and my pleasure at looking around my guest room.

The Bagua
My guest room was of particular importance for two reasons. For one it’s the second floor area of my career and helpful people in the Feng Shui bagua. This same area on the first floor is my front door area, which is welcoming and uplifting with chimes, a wooden Buddha carving, oriental rug, a deep warm clay pot and a framed photo of soft, white magnolia flowers. The second reason it was key is because I will soon have my grandma visiting for two weeks and I want her to find the room welcoming and restful.

Creating a Peaceful Environment

For me making any room peaceful starts with something spiritual. In pretty much every room of my house you find spiritual items, a religious statue, a buddha, angels, a fairy, an evil eye, all things that bring me a sense of calm and serenity. For the guest room I found the perfect picture to hang; a calendar picture of The Place of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii. The place of Refuge is one of the most sacred spiritual spots in the islands. It is known as Pu’uhonua o Honaunau to the Hawaiians and was a place of refuge for anyone who had done wrong. It was where the ancient Hawaiians fled to when they had done wrong. If they could reach this spiritual spot before they were caught then the priests gave them forgiveness for their transgressions and sins.

Protected and Guided
It felt appropriate to hang it in my career and helpful people area as a spiritual reminder that I too am forgiven for my mistakes and am protected and guided. Just walking past the door and seeing that special picture brings me a moment of calm. Pu’uhonua o Honaunau is one of my favorite places in the islands. Each time I visit the Big Island I return to this sacred and treasured spot and now the beautiful reminder of this sacred place resides in my guest room above the bed. A newly clear space, a clear mind and the gift of knowing I have been blessed with much in my life.