Call it Spring; Gratitude

Spring is a time of renewal and with that thought in mind I’m posting about an article I saw in Parade, back in January. The article was called Up Your Gratitude by John Kralik . In honor of Easter, and Spring Renewal I thought today was the time to mention Gratitude.


The article talks about how gratitude transformed the authors life. John Kralik wrote a book about his experiences, about how writing simple notes of thanks and gratitude to people transformed his life. His book is called, A Simple Act of Gratitude

May your Easter be filled with love and gratitude.


Gratitude, a Shift

Gratitude is our best asset in times of challenge. When we feel overwhelmed with what is expected of us, with our ability to provide for ourselves and our family staying grateful for what we’ve already created and accomplished is very important. Gratitude aligns our us with our spirit, gratitude lifts our energy and shifts our body energy to a dimension of universal love that best serves our body, life and spirit.

It Isn’t Complicated
Simply put it means awake with grateful thoughts for what you already have in your life. The person you love, the family you draw near, the bills you’ve paid, the car you drive, the house or apartment you’ve made your own. Focus a thought of deep gratitude for each gift of your life. Spirit likes a grateful attitude. Living in gratitude daily shifts your energy in such a way as to draw more good into your life.

It Isn’t Always Easy
I know in tough times it isn’t always easy to be grateful. I too have hours when I feel less grateful than I should. At times I allow fear or challenge to overcome me. What I’ve learned through my own challenges is that gratitude really really works.

Recently I was feeling quite grateful for money that spirit provided me with in an unexpected way. It wasn’t a lot, but I was grateful. I focused my thoughts over that afternoon in gratitude. Thanking spirit for providing me another small means of support. Interestingly the next day after focusing on gratitude and really thanking spirit for what I had received, more abundance came my way, nearly doubling the amount I had received the day before. It was a moment of realizing gratitude is key, gratitude is the shift our attitude needs to bring more abundance to our lives.

Gratitude is Key in Shifting Our Lives
Live and work in gratitude. Find ten minutes when you wake up and before you go to sleep to focus your thoughts on what you are grateful for. Each day allow that list to grow, thinking of all you truly have to be grateful for. Namaste.

My Travel Dream Becomes Reality

Believing in Your Dreams

Off road jeep tour
My experience driving on the off road jeep tour on the island of Aruba.

Following Other Travel Writers

Six weeks ago I was following the press trip of a writer I’ve come to enjoy. Her website is She gave up her corporate life and became a travel nomad writing and blogging her way around the world with her husband and dogs in tow. I receive her travel updates via email and in early November she was headed out for a six day press trip to write about Belieze, courtesy of Belieze Tourism.

My Wish

When I saw her post about the trip I said aloud, ” I want to do that. I want to take a press trip like that.” Along with my statement were physical pictures and travel brochures of places in the Caribbean I would like to visit. All of this was inside my visualization box which I see daily on my living room stand. Let me also be clear, I’ve spent the last two years blogging for a travel website and have spent ten years of my life traveling and working overseas. So it wasn’t just a whim that had me saying I want to take a press trip. I’ve done the ground work. I have the skills and I have the knowledge to write and travel alone. I was simply asking the universe to help me manifest an opportunity to put my skills in the forefront as a traveler and writer.


Just over one month later I was contacted by the writer whose travel website I write for. She offered me an opportunity to travel as part of a press trip to the Caribbean. After thinking 10.5 seconds I said I’m 98% sure I can go, I will get back to you in the morning with a final answer. Of course that answer was YES! Are you kidding me? No writer who loves to travel is going to say no to an opportunity to travel and write about their experience. This was a moment of gratitude for me. within six weeks of my desire to manifest a press trip I was preparing to head out on my own Caribbean press trip. Life is pretty amazing!

Aruba Bon Bini

I departed on Dec 16th for four amazing, adventurous days on the Caribbean island of Aruba. I know it was a combination of belief, gratitude, years of writing, blogging and traveling along with divine support and manifestation that created this amazing opportunity. It was powerful and awe inspiring to see this moment manifest in my life. It is the realization of one dream and a start to a whole series of dreams.

I am blessed, I am filled with gratitude and I am thrilled to be at this place in my life. It feels like a beautiful, spiritual gift. I see these exercises working in my life. I hope you will be inspired to use them in your own life. Namaste

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World Gratitude

World Gratitude

The next wave starts today March 26th and continues until May 7th. Check out this link to join in the celebration of Gratitude. What is World Gratitude? Click here to learn more. How World Gratitude Works. The 42 day plan.