Hiddensee; Photo Memories

Living in Germany gave me many opportunities to explore the country by train and car. I visited the island of Hiddensee by ferry twice, and I will return again for the serenity and beauty I found there.

Hiddensee Appeals To Me For Several Reasons
It’s a small island off the coast of Northern Germany on the Baltic Sea; whose simplicity and beauty captivate me. There are no cars, transport is via bicycle, horse cart or foot power around the island. The focus of the island is nature, sea views, birding, walking, bicycling and simply rejuvenation. If you’d like more information on Hiddensee you can view these articles that I wrote for WanderlustAndLipstick.
Reaching the Sights and Delights of Hiddensee
The Natural Beauty of Hiddensee

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A house on the German island of Hiddensee
A House on the island of Hiddensee Photo Credit Bangli 1

A restaurant in the hiddensee harbor
Vitte Harbor, Hiddensee Photo Credit: Lisa Overman

Neundorf Harbor
Neundorf Harbor on the island of Hiddensee.

Dornbusch Lighthouse on the island of Hiddensee.

Hiddensee Seagull By: Bangli 1

The Baltic Sea; A Leisure Destination

The Mecklenburg Region of Germany

The Baltic Sea is an excellent leisure destination. While on the Baltic Sea you can experience the beauty of nature. In the spring and fall you can experience the migration of gray cranes and other birds. The birds arrive in the thousands during the months of March and April as well as September through November.

There are several destinations in the region for bird lovers. One of those areas is the island of Hiddensee, another is the Fischland, Darß and Zingst area. This region is home to the The West-Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park.  This National Park offers beautiful coastal views, salt marshes and forests. Boddenlandschaft is also home to the cranes when they return from their annual migration to Spain.

Darss and Zingst area of Northern Germany

Forest outside of Darß, part of the Boddenlandschaft Nature Reserve

PresleyJesus Flickr



Germany Ostsee

Augen Blicke Flickr

Among my favorites villages is Ahrenshoop. This small village offers a beautiful harbor filled with sailboats. You can also enjoy a meal at Cafe Buhne where you can enjoy fresh caught fish and other local food. Local rentals are reasonably priced and generally offer a small kitchen. In addition some offer a view of the harbor. One of my favorite parts of my stay in Ahrenshoop was waking and having breakfast on the balcony, with a view of the tiny harbor. Pension Nordlicht offers special off season deals. Their rooms are sweet and their packages offer meals, wine and other extras.


A room at the Pension Nordlicht.

Photo courtesy of Pension Nordlicht

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The Community
The area surrounding Ahrenshoop is delightful. It is truly a gorgeous area of Germany with small villages, coastal towns, salt marshes and meadows. This is also an area where you will find small galleries, specialty shops and sweet beaches. It will take time for non Europeans to adjust to the nudity you’ll find on the local beaches. After the third day I stopped being shocked at the nudity. You will see entire families; parents, children and grandparents ensconced comfortably on the beach nude, enjoying their day without any concern for the fact that they’re nude. It is a refreshing attitude and one that we as American’s can learn from.

Both of these coastal areas offer a wonderful opportunity to explore German villages and nature while enjoying sea views. The beauty of Fischland, Darß and Zingst is that you can explore several villages easily from here and explore the coast at your leisure. This is a delightful area. I spent a week exploring this area and keep it high on my list of places to return to.
Here you’ll find a webcam of the Darß and Zingst area. Keep in mind the time difference.



Hiddensee Harbor

A view from Vitte Harbor on Hiddensee

Hiddensee offers a more unique perspective. This island offers only three modes of transport, bicycle, horse drawn cart or foot power. This allows you to really slow down and experience the natural beauty of the island. The island is home to a large number of gray cranes during migration. When you are biking around the island you can watch hundreds of birds land and take off in flight at the same time. It is truly an awe inspiring sight.  Hiddensee offers nature lovers a paradise to explore. From meadows to salt marshes and rugged coastline Hiddensee has it all.

Rocks on Hiddensee

Rocks are art on Hiddensee
The Island

This island is 18 kilometers long and has three small villages, Klosters, Vitte and Neuendorf. Biking paths will take you from village to village and there are harbors at each village where ferries land and depart daily for the mainland of Germany. A round trip ferry ticket runs $24.60 euro and a family ticket for up to five runs $43.90 euro. Bicycle tickets cost $6.70 euro. The ferry from Straulsund is two hours and the ferry from Shaprode on Rugen is 45 minutes.
Regional Specialties

While visiting the Baltic Sea region you should try the smoked fish. You will find many establishments offering smoked fish. They are easy to locate and generally offer simple outdoor seating at picnic tables. You will see the fish hanging in the smokers on site as you are driving by. Another regional favorite is Baerenfang, a honey based vodka made from local varieties of honey. This liquor can be used as a cocktail base, poured over ice or added to a hot drink.

German Barenjaeger
Photo Credit Specialty Brands


When visiting Hiddensee I recommend staying at either Pension Lachmowe or Weiseneck Pension and Cafe. Lachmowe overlooks the Vitte harbor. Pension Weiseneck is located near to the beach in the village of Kloster. During my visit I staying in Kloster and found it charming. The village is small, only around three blocks in all with several nice shops. The real draw of the island is it’s natural beauty. You can explore the Dornbusch lighthouse, enjoy a serene beach walk or bike along the salt marshes and through the forest. If you are a nature lover the Baltic Sea region of Germany is a leisure destination you will fall in love with.
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