Ali Baba’s Grille: Middle Eastern Cuisine

middle eastern cuisine
One of many menu items offered at Ali Baba’s Grille at 10812 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne.

If you want something a little different that standard lunch or dinner fare then check out Ali Baba’s Grille. They specialize in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. On the day I visited there were several reasonably priced lunch specials for $6.59 and $6.99. My Kebob was slightly more and certainly worth it.

Ali Baba's Grille

Lunch and Dinner
For lunch I chose the grilled kebob skewer with lamb and vegetables, it was served with a side of homemade hummus, and a pita. Ali Baba’s hummus is exceptional. In fact it was so delicious I ordered a full order to go. Ali Baba’s specializes in items such as Shawarma, Lamb Kebobs, Grape Leaves, Falafel, Gyros and Kosher meats. There are certain dishes I always order when trying a new restaurant, if it’s Middle Eastern cuisine then I always try the hummus and the Tabouli. If their Hummus and Tabouli are delicious then it’s a good bet that other dishes will be as well.

The atmosphere at Ali Baba’s is relaxed and the staff are friendly; they also take time to explain their menu and ask how you liked your order. They’re on Facebook and you’ll see a large number of photos of menu items. Those were enticing me already to return. Their website is They’re open Monday through Friday 10am to 9pm and Saturday 10:30 am to 10pm. Sunday’s they are open 11 am to 8 pm.

Amish Country: Amish Culture, an Exploration in Fall

Indiana’s Amish Country

When I’m in my home state I love to explore the Amish Country and gain a deeper sense of the Amish culture and the way the Amish live. I have been fascinated by the Amish culture for many years. Each visit I make home I take some time for a drive through the towns and countryside that are home to the majority of Amish families in Indiana. These photos were taken on a visit last fall when the leaves were in full fall bloom. Fall is a beautiful time to explore and appreciate the Amish country.

A Video of the Amish Country

A video I made of the Amish Country in Northern Indiana.

Places to Visit in Indiana
I suggest visiting the following areas in Indiana; Shipshewana, Napanee, Tokepa and Grabil. There are many other small towns where you will discover Amish buggies and Amish families shopping. Remember that Amish people do not like their photos taken. If you take photos I recommend you take them from a distance or from the side or back. This is more respectful of their culture. For a comprehensive Amish experience I suggest a visit to Amish Acres in Napanee. This is a historic Amish Farm that was home to Amish families for several generations. It is now a preserved historic property that can be toured. You can learn a great deal about the Amish way of life at Amish Acres and enjoy an authentic Amish meal on the grounds.