Take A Breath: Tuesday Photo


A view of Lake Como, Italy.

Morning in Italy

Magic Monday: Photo

A child (at a wedding) outside a church in Varenna, Italy.





Photos of Italy: Varenna, Italy

Varenna Italy evening

Varenna, Italy in evening, shot from the car ferry.

My Favorite Travelogues; Twice a Month Musings

Photo Credit: Guide Posts Half Way to Each Other

I read quite a number of travelogues for pleasure. They appeal to me because I live an expat lifestyle. With that in mind as a reader of an expat blog you may also enjoy travelogue books. Beginning this month, I will suggest favorites of mine. This one was a great read.

Half Way to Each Other is the true story of one couple, contemplating separation who take drastic measures to change the direction of their relationship and their lives. This book is well written, realistic, funny, and captivating. You’ll feel like you’re part of their journey and their life in Italy.

Half Way to Each Other will have you laughing out loud. You’ll get caught up in the challenges and adventures that this family of four face as they sell their home, leave the US behind and set off for an adventurous year living in Italy. In my opinion this is a great read, it’s far more than a travelogue and will touch your heart.

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