Fun Facts About Lithuania

Shrovetide Tuesday is a day of fun and dress up in Lithuania. It is the day when mythical characters Lasininis (who represents Winter) and Kanapinis (who represents Spring) have a mythical struggle with Kanapinis winning of course. Good bye Winter, hello Spring! The traditional dish of Shrovetide is pancakes. In other countries it is known as Pancake Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras.


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Granny Easter (Velyku Senele) brings children Easter Eggs, bunnies only help her paint them. In Lithuania Easter is the most solemn feast.

On the night of St. John, (June 24th) Lithuanians believe that the fern comes into flower. Finding fern flower blossoms on St. John will bring you hidden treasure and good luck.

Basketball is the most important sport in Lithuania, they call it their second religion.

European Union On May 1, 2004 Lithuania joined the European Union.

The Baltic States Lithuania is one of three countries that make up the Baltic States; the others are Latvia and Estonia.

Coastline Lithuania has 61 miles of sandy coastline.

Lithuania cafe

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Bread and salt are important to Lithuanians. As an important guest in Lithuania or a new bride and groom you will welcomed with a loaf of bread and salt.

A popular traditional Lithuanian dish is Cepelinai, this is an oval shaped potato dumpling filled with ground meat, cheese or mushrooms.

Bread Lithuanian’s love bread, and you’ll find many varieties, including bread filled with dried fruits, spices, nuts, or potato.

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Lithuania, Traditional Dress

Lithuania folk costumes
Photo Credit Lithuanian Folk Costumes Lee Fenner

Lithuania children

Lithuanian Traditional Dresses
Photo Credit Lee Fenner.

Notice in the photo that the girl on the left is wearing an Amber necklace. Amber is widely available in Lithuania and comes in a variety of light gold to deeper brown shades.

Traditional Lithuanian dresses are worn by folk dancers. These dresses are made of woven linen and are designed in geometric patterns. Though the dresses are only worn by folk dancers Lithuanian artisans make scarves, belts and ties with this geometric linen design and visitors will see them being worn by many on Lithuanian national holidays.

These accessories can be purchased during a visit to Lithuania. I discovered this Folk costumes and embroidery website which offers some beautiful examples of Lithuanian traditional dresses. My information comes from Wikipedia.

St Anne’s Church Vilnius Lithuania: Photo of the Day

Today’s photo is St. Anne’s Church in Vilnius, Lithuania. This church is located in the Vilnius Old Town, on the Vilnius River. The church was built in 1495-1500, in the Flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic style. St. Anne’s is a World Heritage Site. Source Wikipedia

Sv. Onos Baznycia 2

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Lithuania Coastline: Photo of the Day

The Photo of the Day comes from Nida, Lithuania. Nida is the western most point in Lithuania. Its history goes back as far as the 1400’s. This seaside resort village was popular in the early 20th century with German Impressionist artists. The area is now a low key, beautiful summer resort spot for those from neighboring countries.

Sunset in Lithuania

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Map of Nida, Lithuania

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