Live a Little: Know When to Move On

When Things Don’t Work
There are times in our lives when things don’t work. There are also times when something works for a time and then sputters to an unsatisfying ending. In those moments I advise, know when to move on. You know in your gut when a situation seems odd. If things are being said that don’t jive with your internal truth meter, it’s time to assess the situation more carefully.

How Do You Know?
Are there red flags?
Have things happened that don’t add up?
Do you feel unsettled?
These are indicators that you DO KNOW.

What if I’m Uncertain?
Give it a few days, and see what transpires.
Do you feel more at ease?
Have your concerns been addressed?
Have you had a conversation that leaves you feeling better?
Have things been clarified?

No? Then it’s time to move on.

Road Sign

Ian Ransley Design and Illustration

Living a Little means knowing how to take care of you, and how to look out for you. Looking out for you means not allowing others to take advantage of you or mislead you. Trust your gut, if your body is feeling out of whack, or stressed by the situation that is a pretty strong indicator that you need to move on. Trust yourself and live a little by looking out for yourself and trusting your internal guidance. Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share your Live a Little experiences.

Live a Little: Take a Risk

Live a Little is a continuing weekly series on Skimbaco Lifestyle, through Live a Little you’ll discover new ways to expand your life. My tip to Live a Little more fully is to Take a Risk. Nothing in life is guaranteed and if you always stick with the safe and known life can be a stagnant and boring.

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, and say YES to opportunity.
Off road in the desert

Photo Credit Bryn Pinzgauer

Yes, I will venture into the unknown.
Yes, I will take that drive across the desert.
Yes, I will pile the family on the train and explore the West Coast.
Yes, I will take that new job and make a bold move.

What’s holding you back?
Is it the fear of the unknown? Is it the harping voices of those you know, stuck in their own life telling you it can’t be done. Do they remind you that you COULD fail? IGNORE THEM. Trust me the voices of doom and gloom are people who rarely live a rich life because they are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Think it through and then take a risk.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Adventure and success rarely happen within your comfort zone. It takes stepping out, trusting your gut and making some bold, calculated moves to create the adventure or Live a Little life I’m talking about. Are you ready? Live a Little, Take a Risk, you’ll be happier for it.

Live a Little: Make Time For Joy

Each week I am sharing tips for how I Live a Little more deeply. This week my tip comes from something a friend shared with me two weeks ago. She said,” Hold on to the joy, don’t let the joy bubble go.” Living my life with JOY brings a deeper sense of happiness.

Live a little joy

Focusing on the joy in my life helps me feel happier. It makes sense. When I think of something joyous my whole being emanates with that energy. Likewise when I think about sad things my energy takes a

living joyfully

Joy By: Alice Popkorn

Since Susan told me to hold on to the joy, I have made a more conscious effort to focus on the joy in my life. Throughout the day I make a list in my head of things that make me feel happy that day. I think of things that are a blessing in my life and things I feel grateful for. The more I focus on joy, goodness and gratitude the more I feel it in my life.

We choose our thoughts and how we react to things in our life. I could focus on the rough spots. (There are certainly some of those in my life.) Instead I find myself singing song lyrics or recounting a special moment of real joy. I smile more in joy moments and I feel a deeper sense of happiness. I’m holding on to the joy bubble, are you? Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share how you Live a Little.

Live a Little, Take Time For You

Take Time For Yourself

This weeks Live a Little post is something I’ve learned over time, Take Time For Yourself. There isn’t anyone standing behind you saying, “Hey you need to take a bit of time for you, you’ve really pushed yourself lately.”

You have to use your internal insight and make time for yourself a priority. Yes, there will always be a list of things you could do instead of taking time for yourself. The reality is, there are few things so important that they can’t wait an hour or a half day so that you can have a bit of time for yourself.

sunset, living life to the fullest

What I have discovered in my own life is that if I make time for me, take care of me, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I’m kinder, I am more centered and best of all, I’m happier. Twenty-three days ago in the spirit of taking time for me, I joined a gym. I have been working out five days a week. I feel better, happier and best of all thinner! So far I’ve lost 6 lbs and I’m already seeing positive changes. It happened because I finally said I have to do something for me. I made myself a priority.

working out at the gym
Working Out Photo Credit Cherry Point

Finnish Sauna
Sauna Photo Credit Rd. Vortex
Taking time for me means I have time to sit quietly in the Sauna and feel enveloped in the heat after my work out. I love that. It also gives me a time to listen to my Ipod and enjoy focusing on my life, my health and what I need. We can all use a lot more of that. We spend a great deal of time taking care of others, helping others and doing every day errands.

If we created a pie chart of our day I imagine most of us would see the tiniest sliver for ourselves, and the giant portions for work, errands and responsibilities. It’s time to carve a bigger chunk for yourself. Take Time For Yourself, You Matter, You are a Priority. I promise you, you will feel better for it. How will you Live a Little this week? Join us at Skimbaco Lifestyle and share your post about how you Live a Little.