Living in Budapest: Our Journey to Budapest

Moving overseas with a pet requires organization, USDA paperwork, patience and sometimes multiple leg journeys by car and air. This is the break down of how my dog Tanner and I arrived in Budapest.

Miles Driven 1,822

Rental Cars (4)

Miles Flown 5,518

Flights (4)

How Do The Miles Break Down?

1,140 miles, driving round trip from my family’s home in Fort Wayne, Indiana to Bethesda, Maryland to the Search Associates Recruitment Fair.

682 miles driven alone with my dog Tanner from Fort Wayne, Indiana to North Beach Maryland to my cousin Cindy’s home, and on to Dulles Airport to depart for Budapest.

jeep liberty
Our ride to Maryland

Our Flights

931 miles flown from Fort Wayne, Indiana to St. Petersburg, FL to complete the transfer of my household goods to a smaller storage unit.

Flights Missed (1)

Leaving St. Petersburg on a 6 am flight, I overslept (sleeping through two alarms) and missed my flight.

Cost…don’t ask.
An additional same day flight to a nearby city.
A one way rental car.
An additional 101 miles driven.

Flying with Dogs; Doggie and Mom Flights (2)

Lufthansa Budapest

pet airline ticket

4,587 miles flown by Tanner and I together from Washington’s Dulles Airport to Frankfurt, Germany and on to Budapest, Hungary. Layover time: 12 hours to make certain Tanner got his pet rest stop for potty breaks, food and rest. (5 hour minimum required by Lufthansa Airlines.)

I’m Moving to Hungary

A new adventure awaits us in Hungary. In one month I depart with my dog Tanner for my new job in Hungary. My experience will begin in Budapest where I have accepted a two year teaching contract.

feeling joy
Photo Credit: Balanced.Crafts Flickr

I interviewed with multiple schools and received two offers, both were exceptional.

It was a tough decision

I feel very blessed to have been offered two excellent schools in two great countries. Ultimately I chose a school in Budapest and will rediscover my love of Europe with my dog Tanner by my side.

Walls of Budapest

A view of Budapest
Photo Credit Yazan Badran

Life Transitions

Florida Beach

Indian Shores Beach, Florida

The last year has held huge life transitions for me. I went through a short sale on the home I inherited from my dad after his death. I now contemplate my own town home and my transitioning career as I contemplate another move abroad. It feels chaotic. It feels terrifying in some moments. But, it’s been this time of life transition, change and real life challenges which brought me to a place of discovering the next steps in my life.

Women in transition face choices that affect many areas of our lives. Changing cities affects our support network, it affects our family and is definitely a time of stepping outside our comfort zone. Career transitions amp up the effect even more with new people in our lives, new responsibilities and new demands on our time while adapting to a new location, new job and new experiences.

A Roller Coaster of Emotions
Making our way through these transitions can bring about a flurry of emotional feelings including excitement, terror, fear, frustration, transformation, sadness, loneliness, joy, relief and eventually a sense of well being and peace. In the last year my emotions have a been a roller coaster of change.  I’ve faced real life challenges. I’ve had days of excitement followed by moments of sheer terror. I’ve accepted the sadness that comes with deeply personal life changes. These changes have transformed my every day life. With acceptance of the sadness came a renewed sense of excitement at what the future holds for me. 

Learning To Deal with Anxiety During Transitions
Dealing with stress and anxiety during any transition period is essential. Contemplative meditation helps me along with journaling. Writing in a journal gives me the opportunity to express all my stressful feelings and thoughts and to look at them logically and really consider the reality of each of my concerns and fears. What I often find is that the concerns are blown out of proportion.

Yes, I Could Fall on My Face
I could fail, but the likelihood is much greater that I will succeed and transition smoothly into a new phase of life. Contemplative meditation helps me during times of stress, by offering me a time of silence, and a focus on prayer. It calms and relaxes me, bringing me back to center, allowing me to reassess my day and make proactive choices, rather than reacting which is critical when facing challenges in life.

A Woman in Transition
As women we deal with challenges and changes differently than men, so it’s critical that we maintain a support network and provide opportunities for ourselves through times of transition to feel supported and cared for by those in our lives. Love, friendship and an ability to be flexible are the cornerstones of women’s lives. We care, we share and we move forward with change, watching the horizon for what lies ahead with much excitement and a sense of who we can become when we believe in our dreams.