Space Clearing

This is a guest post written by Reba Jean Cain.

Reba Jean Cain

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Space Clearing

Space Clearing, one of the elements of Feng Shui, is perfect for creating a peaceful energy in your home that will support you to stay centered and balanced.

Space Clearing is a process for cleanses the energy flowing through your home. Space Clearing involves doing a simple ceremony to release the negative energies. Start by creating an altar on your coffee table. Cover the table with a beautiful scarf, and then add a candle, spiritual figurine, a crystal or objects that represent the sacred to you.

Life Energy Water

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The Ceremony
Start your ceremony at the altar with a prayer or meditation to call in angels, your spiritual helpers and guides. State your intention of cleansing your space from all negative energies and ask these celestial beings to help.

Next move through each room and clear the energy by ringing a bell, beating a drum or burning a smudge stick (desert sage tied tightly into a bundle). This can be obtained at a health food store or New Age bookstore. It is one of the most powerful ways to Space Clear. Native Americans have used this method for centuries to clear and uplift energy. Be sure to open a door or window slightly to release the negative energies as you clear.

Affirm Your Positive Intentions
After you have cleared each room, move through again stating your positive intention for that space. For example, in the kitchen, you might affirm your intention to have peaceful stress free meals that nourish your body.  In the bedroom, you might affirm your intention to have restful sleep that regenerates your body. To seal the intention, use your hand to draw the infinity symbol in the air. The infinity symbol looks like a figure eight lying on its side. You could also draw in the air any other sacred symbol that is meaningful to you.

Give Thanks
Complete your Space Clearing Ceremony by returning to your altar and giving thanks to your angels and spiritual helpers. Ask that the new energy be integrated with calmness and peace. You now have clear energy to live peacefully in each day.

An excellent book on this subject is Sacred Space by Denise Linn. You also may want to go to this link on my website to see a more in-depth explanation of each of the Space Clearing steps


The True Power of Water

The True Power of Water By: Masaru Emoto is a book that I find deeply interesting and that I recommend. It is one of several books that Masaru Emoto has written on the effects of vibration, energy, prayer and thought on water. When I was flipping through it this morning, reading randomly I came across a piece I wanted to share. Along with this is a YouTube video with Dr. Emoto

A family that subscribed to our magazine conducted an interesting experiment. They put the rice in two glass jars and every day for a month said “Thank you” to one jar and “You fool” to the other, and then they tracked how the rice changed over the period. After a month the rice that was told Thank you started to ferment, with a mellow smell like that of malt, while the rice that was exposed to You fool, rotted and turned black. Pg 97

To give your attention to something is a way of giving energy. By receiving attention , life can get the energy to move in a better direction. Pg 98

With our economy in such flux and with the emotional upheaval so many people have experienced I was reminded by The True Power of Water just what we as people can do to focus our energy and our intentions to begin bringing love and calm to the distress and upheaval we see and feel. This morning as I read pages 90 to 104, I was reminded that we can create with our focus and our intention. We can begin to create a calm, healing around us by focusing our gratitude on everything good around us. Energy goes where we put our attention. We want to give energy and focus to the good in our world and in our lives. Focus on gratitude, Be grateful, be filled with love for everything in your life. Being grateful creates an energy that eventually opens the door to more good in our life.

My House Needs To Sell
For example, my house needs to sell, so rather than focus my energy on feeling a desperate need for a sale, I focus my energy on gratitude for what I have, for having a beautiful place to live, for having the abundance of owning a home and I release it to spirit.

Families in Struggle
With the economic situation many families are feeling strapped financially and are not able to meet all their financial obligations, rather than focusing energy on all the things that are not paid, and getting more distressed focus on what you have paid. If you paid your rent, or your phone bill, think of the money you used or are using to pay this bill and say a prayer of gratitude for the fact that this money is in your hand and that you are using it to pay something that needs to be paid. A grateful attitude for the abundance in our life helps create more abundance.

Moments of Stress
There will naturally be moments of distress and stress. I can attest to this…laughter with a house for sale and still for sale long beyond what I can afford. But what I am seeing in my own life, with my own intention and gratitude is a subtle positive shift in my abundance with keeping my focus in GRATITUDE and using my thoughts in an uplifting way to say THANK YOU for everything I can pay and for EVERYTHING I have. I can assure you with two houses of bills this is a real test of my focus and intention.

Thank You
There are more days than not that I could just spin out in the anxiety and stress of paying for two houses. Instead I’m learning and seeing positive results by saying THANK YOU to God and the universe for everything in my life. When I awake in the morning I say a prayer of gratitude for my house, the man in my life, the money I have, for my family and friends. I refocus through the day, for a minute or so and I say another prayer of GRATITUDE and THANKS for all these things and for any abundance that I find coming into my life on that day. I know there will be readers rolling their eyes, some in my own family I’m sure, but it’s working.


Gratitude changes our experience, changes our lives. We know that greed and corruption are not working, we can see that every day on the nightly news. We see the direct result of the economy in our investments and our bank accounts. We know what doesn’t work, so lets focus what can work, AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AND LOVE.