Live a Little; Dog Love

Live a Little
Dog Love
This week as part of Skimbaco Livestyles Live Life to the Fullest Inspirations, I’ve chosen Dog Love.

Living life to the fullest means spending time with my dog. Tanner is the treasure of my life; he is a big ball of fur and love. He’s a Golden Retriever, Shepherd mix. He adores being outside so many of our play days find me at parks, or at dog beach giving him opportunities to interact with other dogs. He brings me great joy, just looking at him, or seeing his face relaxes me.

hanging out at dog beach

with my dog at the park

For this reason when I think of the theme Live a Little, Tanner comes straight to my mind. He brings life to my day, and sunshine to my heart. Living a Little means adding quality to my life, deepening my joy and dog love does that and more. I think anytime something brings a natural smile to our face and helps us relax we’re adding quality to our life. So this week my Live a Little inspiration is the love my dog brings to my life.

Call it Spring; Gratitude

Spring is a time of renewal and with that thought in mind I’m posting about an article I saw in Parade, back in January. The article was called Up Your Gratitude by John Kralik . In honor of Easter, and Spring Renewal I thought today was the time to mention Gratitude.


The article talks about how gratitude transformed the authors life. John Kralik wrote a book about his experiences, about how writing simple notes of thanks and gratitude to people transformed his life. His book is called, A Simple Act of Gratitude

May your Easter be filled with love and gratitude.


Creating Your Highest Future Room

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer have created a wonderful page called Creating Your Highest Future Room where visitors can view a message from one of their many books. It’s a nice opportunity to receive an insightful message. When you visit the page you click on one of six books and your message appears in a window below the books. Worth a return visit for certain! Check it out and their amazing books, including Living With Joy, Creating Money, Spiritual Growth, Opening to Channel, Soul Love and Personal Power Through Awareness.

The Importance of a Strong Foundation

Conditions For Growth
When I see a beautiful flower growing I often think of the conditions that are necessary for that flower to reach it’s potential. It needs a strong soil base, abundant water and light for it’s nourishment. We are each like a flower. For us to grow and reach our potential we must have a strong foundation beneath us to support us in the most difficult and dark moments.

Belief in Ourselves
We use our strength and belief in ourselves when things feel like they’re crumbling, or challenging us. With that foundation nourishing us we are strong enough to say, “this is the path and I will remain focused. I know that I’m in the midst of challenge and change but I can do this. That is not always easy to say. Sometimes it feels easier to move off the path to do something different, something that fulfills us in the short term.

Release the Need For Exterior Support
Nourishment and support may not appear from those around you. Even those you love the deepest may not understand your experiences and situation. In those times it is best to go within, to recognize that not everyone sees things in the same fashion. Perceptions can be very different and the only thing you can do is release your need for exterior support.

Support From Within
This is when nourishment and support from within are key. We each have abilities and gifts and we create an inner belief in our selves and our skills. In the rough moments and days of challenge, refocus on your self, on your skills and begin to create the conditions you personally need to feel successful. Take it one step at a time and remember the flower. Use that inner foundation of strength to branch out as you feel ready and capable.