Call it Spring: Denmark

Today’s Call it Spring photos are from Denmark. I love many things about Europe, but one of my favorites is being in a coastal city and enjoying the water and the sunshine.

A sunny day on the water in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Photo Credit smaedli Flickr


The colors of Copenhagen
Photo Credit Benjamin Rabe Flickr

Call it Spring: Dogwood

dogwood tree

Today’s spring photo is of a blooming Dogwood Tree. I remember these from childhood, and they remain a favorite. For other spring photos look at the tag Call it Spring on my website.

Butterflies of Malaysia, at the Botanical Conservatory


Call it Spring
Today’s photo is of a Malaysian Butterfly. I took this photo today at the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory. The Butterflies of Malaysia exhibit began on April 14th and will be at the Botanical Conservatory through July, 8th, 2012. The Conservatory has done a very nice job of creating a display that you can touch and experience just as if you were outside in nature.

The Malaysian Butterfly Exhibit
The butterfly exhibit consists of a giant tented room which you enter and leave through a second tented room, thus protecting the butterflies from escaping. Within the room are benches, flowering plants and a small garden area. The butterfly exhibit contains plants and flowers that butterflies are attracted to, as well as small dishes of foods and water that butterflies desire. It is a fantastic place to spend a half hour. Butterflies may land on you during your visit. (One landed on my head, another on my shirt and a third on my shoe, during my visit.) The price of admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children. This admission includes the entire garden, not just the Malaysian Butterfly exhibit.

Call it Spring, Pelicans

Staying with my theme of spring I am offering you a photo today that goes along with Spring Break and yesterday’s post Live a Little, Time in Nature. This close up of the pelicans was taken on the same day I took the photos in the post. The photos were taken near Reddington Beach, Florida on the fishing pier.

pelicans close up