The Peace of a Healing Heart

We all Make Mistakes

sunflowers in bloom
Photo Credit: Thai Jasmine (Smile…smile…smile) Flickr

Our choices or decisions can take us away from our center occasionally. We ruminate over our mistakes and we beat ourselves up for them much too much, when we are far better served to use our energy toward creating healing in our life and improved choices in our future. At times we do the very best we can and we still make mistakes, that’s natural, we are human. We sometimes make mistakes out of fear, out of impulsiveness and sometimes just an error in judgment when we couldn’t read a situation clearly.

Mistakes are Moments
We can’t always change the direct impact of our mistake but we can certainly take another positive route from that place. We can create good from mistakes when we use what we learned from our mistake. At times our own mistakes allow us to understand more clearly when we are hurt by another.

There are moments of forgiveness of self and of others for each of us. When we hurt another or another hurts us it isn’t always easy to reach a place of forgiveness, though it’s best for our own healing when we reach out for that place of peace and release ourselves from that pain. Forgiveness allows us to move forward with an open and healed heart. On most occasions people hurt us without really realizing how deeply their behavior or their actions impact us. They are seeing situations through their own eyes, not ours. Many times it’s in hind sight that they begin to realize the real impact their actions had on us. I work hard to forgive the actions of others, that have impacted and damaged my spirit and heart.

At Times It’s Not Easy
At times I’ve wanted to lash out like anyone in my moments of deepest pain and grief. At times I have been physically ill from the pain of hurt caused by another. There is a time of healing, of mending of the spirit, a time when only the love of God can work within us to help us to move through the pain and reach the other side to understand the fear or the pain or the frustration or inconsideration that drove their actions in the first place. It doesn’t make their action right. Healing simply brings is a sense of understanding that they were in pain or uncertainty and their choices were self defeating and that we must simply step back and allow them to live through their choices and find their own way. We can request God watch over them, we can ask that they be surrounded and supported in their lives. From there we step away and release them, forgiving them and beginning to find our own sense of calm, knowing we did all we could do within the situation.

Full Circle
I find many times that things come full circle. We are given opportunities and moments to bring peace to relationships, families, and friendships when we keep our hearts open and we allow the space for others to step forward in their own way and make peace. Forgiving and making peace, doesn’t mean forgetting or allowing ourselves to be stepped on again. It means allowing the love of God to work through us, in it’s own way and beginning anew. We remember what we experienced, learning from it, and move forward creating a new bond one day at a time, one word at a time and one message at a time. It’s allowing God to heal us, to heal a situation, to heal our heart. It’s remaining open even when we don’t understand fully what God’s plan is. It’s trusting God to lead us, to guide our life and to guide our heart peacefully so that something broken can be rebuilt.