When Sadness Overcomes Me, Saying Goodbye

This week has been a sad one for me. I’ve lost two people I love. Both people were significant in my life and both will be missed deeply, for very different reasons. One was my friend Scott. I had known Scott for twelve years. He made me laugh and shared my love of Hawaii and travel. He was a barbershop singer and a teacher. He was a treasured friend.

The other was my minister who I had come to love as a mentor and spiritual guide through some rough personal moments in my life. I had known Reverend Donna Jean, or Dee Jay as she loved to be called for approximately four years. The depth of my sadness over Reverend Dee Jay resonates within me. I cannot imagine our church without her, and do not want to imagine it without her. I know she will continue to guide our church and our ministers from the other side of the veil and we will feel her love and support, but hearing her words, seeing her smile and knowing she is at the pulpit is what I will miss, what all of us will miss deeply.

Reverend Donna Jean was one of the most genuine, loving, people I have ever met. She was a spiritual support for all of us and guided us with her insight, wit and wisdom. The realization that she is gone from her physical body is so deeply sad. I know she had been very ill and that her cancer had been a struggle. I remember well each of my own parents struggle with cancer. Their pain, their discomfort and the toll it took on them. I know she is better off in spirit but I will miss her deeply. I feel so sad today, so sad for our church. I hear her voice in my head, ‘don’t be sad, I am here in spirit and everyone has already stepped into their necessary rolls this last year and a half while I was ill.’ Harmony will flourish and we will know she is there in spirit, supporting, guiding and encouraging us with that sense of humor and wit we loved. I love you Reverend DJ and I will miss you deeply.